Sacred Sound Healing Group

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Santosha Nobel, Hypnotherapist

Sacred Sound Healing Group

Clearing Old Wounds and Trauma

Sacred Sound Healing Group – What if you could embrace love, peace, happiness, joy and gratitude and return to these states whenever you intended? This group is for people who want to improve themselves, heal, or are into personal growth. Clear the tremendous trauma, blues, despondency that has held you back in a very fast and pleasant way.

Sound healing works through Pauli Exclusion. That is a scientific principal based on the idea that 2 things like frequencies for example, cannot exist in the same time/space continuum. Because everything in our world even that which appears solid, is actually vibrating, everything including emotions, patterns, physical ailments have a frequency. I can easily find, match and eliminate the frequencies of the subconscious patterns and trapped emotions of individuals or groups. This method creates complete healing of Mind/Body/Spirit. (See Song Flower Healing) on my website: You will learn kinesiology to test your results as we go. Note: Doctors now may recommend sound healing for PTSD and Depression.

Welcome to my Sound Healing Group in Monterey. Groups start Wednesdays April 19th 2017, from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm for 10 consecutive weeks. Please RSVP by March 31st. Please pick and click one button below to start the registration process.

1 Group Session – $30 10 Group Sessions – $250

Call or text: 360-922-0777. Office: 831-747-2728. Email: Please see Website:

Santosha has a BA in Counseling, an AAS in Chemical Dependency counseling and 37 years of practical experience in agencies and private practice.


Santosha does a variety of techniques to help people overcome trauma in their lives. She is quite gifted in channeling information about what a person needs to overcome their issues. I have tried everything from massage therapy, to cognitive behavioral therapy, to meditation, to bio-feedback, to oneness blessings, to reiki, to EMDR, to EFT, to affirmations to lower my general anxiety level.  Santosha’s techniques of “Song flower Healing” (Sound Healing) and Hypnosis have calmed my anxiety and nervous tension more than anything else I’ve tried.  PR, Bellingham, WA






Hourly Schedule



Apr 19 2017 - Jun 21 2017


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


$25.00 early bird if paid by 3/31/17 all 10 groups $250.00 or $30.00 after group


Monterey, CA
Santosha Nobel


Santosha Nobel
(831) 747-2728
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