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  • Do fears, worries, the blues, or anger ruin the precious moments of your life?

  • Are you trying to quit smoking?

  • Would you like to start attracting more prosperity and abundance into your life?

  • Are you having relationship challenges or, do you want love?

  • Do have chronic health issues, stress, tension, chronic pain, or are overweight?

  • Are you challenged by over-drinking or do you want sobriety?

By integrating deep hypnosis and Reimaging (an integrated Guided Imagery Program created for healing the Body/Mind/Spirit)  NLP and other techniques, we can achieve very effective and optimum results. For example, for challenges concerning overeating, you may have the opportunity to experience deep hypnosis to program the subconscious mind, portion control, regression to the initial sensitizing event, in addition to guided imagery, NLP and EFT. There are numerous Issues that these healing methods can address include overeating, chemical dependency, addictions, blocks to wellness, sleep issues, and clearing blocks to that you want to achieve regarding your life and life purpose. (Please see tab for Reimaging)

Here are Five important things you need to know about hypnosis.
  1. It is a common mind state that you have often experienced when driving (if you missed an exit) or watching TV.
  2. There are different levels of hypnosis that are used for different types of issues.
  3. Deeper hypnosis is used for helping you recall and heal trauma.
  4. Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness more likened to meditation that can reach past the critical factor of the mind and help you program in important changes.
  5. You get better and go deeper with practice. Usually each succeeding session is about ten times more powerful than the last.

You may find that intense emotions, unwanted thoughts, challenging situations can make you aware that there is subconscious programming  running beneath the surface of consciousness causing all of this. The reactivity associated with this programming has been referred to as buttons or triggers  and these can lead you to the actual unwanted subconscious patterns. You may discover that your own subconscious programming may be creating illness, relationship challenges, weight issues, addictions and financial concerns. In other words, these patterns may be magnetizing, creating and orchestrating negative circumstances in your life. Once you identify these patterns they can be eliminated. Once they are cleared then the challenging situation usually clears as well.

You may discover that if you clear these old patterns (such as feeling unlovable, not good enough, or stored trauma, resentment, abandonment issues, etc.,) that whatever issue is in your life may improve noticeably or disappear completely with this work. Even big issues often have underlying “unwanted patterns” that can be cleared step by step such as chronic illnesses, addictions, and challenges with overeating.

One awakening you may have is that life can be literally showing you how to improve yourself, incrementally one step at a time through your own issues. No unwanted patterns equal no gravitational pull (attraction) for the issue, which means that unwanted situations have a hard time remaining in your life or greatly improve if you are willing to change. Also, until you’ve cleared, healed and learned what you need to from your circumstance it’s unlikely to change. You may discover that just about everyone is being subconsciously victimized and sabotaged by their subconscious patterns in some area of their lives. The truth is that you may never see anyone in any circumstance of suffering that isn’t there largely due to their own unwanted patterns (usually formed from trauma) and/or what has been referred to as sacred agreements. Maybe you are like I am and you realize that life presents lots of opportunities for our personal transformation. Many believe that these could well be a large reason for our physical existence. You can be empowered to change and overcome many of the challenging issues that pop up in your life.

Benefits of Doing Hypnosis

Above, you can toggle and find out facts about hypnosis.  By using hypnosis combined with Reimaging, I’m able to achieve great results with folks attempting to lose weight, quit smoking or interrupt a pattern, habit or addiction.  The reason is simple:  Hypnosis bypasses the conscious mind and gets right to that the mechanism that runs the show..your subconscious mind. So Hypnosis for Weight Loss is great because you can install new patterns with Hypnosis, Reimaging NLP and EFT about how your subconscious mechanism actually functions.  This effect both choices in food you make and how you push away from food when you are satisfied. Since your subconscious largely controls your behavior.  With EFT, for example you can learn to instantly clear a craving. You will find that very empowering.  That means you begin to have a choice about what you eat, if you smoke, do drugs or drink, etc. Other techniques like NLP can help you with behavioral change and compulsions.  Those kinds of behaviors that are so instant, unconscious, that your not even thinking about it and you find yourself stuffing your face.

Also, Hypnosis allows us to regress you to the root cause, the initial sensitizing event that caused the addiction in the first place.  For example, using Hypnosis for stopping overeating behavior, dealing with almost any addiction there will be an event taking place in your life where you started. Usually these are intensely traumatizing times, sometimes it’s just linked with pure fun.  In my opinion, Hypnotic regression to root cause is certainly  extremely important in the healing process. When did you start overeating, using drugs, smoking and what was going on with you at that point in your life?   What was the motivating event that tipped you into addiction?


Often I combine Hypnosis with the use of frequencies. If using Frequencies are necessary or beneficial in your case, then we can jump start the depth of your trance state. In my course, Reimaging, I was blessed to work with people who were able to install some really effective, unique frequencies on the CD’s.


Description of your Reimaging Course

Reimaging is a pro-active, life-altering program for those serious about sobriety, self improvement, and personal growth. This is a realistic,integrated, guided imagery, process designed to help you clear your limiting subconscious patterns from the Mind/Body/Spirit and reprogram new ones. You are invited to begin achieving more happiness, peace and joy as well as attracting more love, prosperity and success.

This is based on the idea that no real change can happen without first clearing each of the 7 levels of consciousness of preexisting, stored emotional energy. Whether we are addressing issues of alcoholism, overeating or toxic emotions I have found this to be true. For example, if you just clear emotions you may feel better but you have not addressed the underlying beliefs that created them! Therefore toxic emotional reactions return or addictions return. That is why this approach works so well as one part holistic approach to addictions, toxic emotions, and relationship issues.

Reimaging Therapy


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– Aldous Leonard Huxlev

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