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Christine Loter, CHT

Christine is a certified advanced clinical Hypnotherapist, intuitive emotional coach, mentor, and counselor.  An avid believer in personal growth, she’s been seeking, employing and teaching methods that aid in shifting negative energy patterns, release blockages and root causes of behavior for many years.  Learning and using Reimaging since 1998, she feels it’s a comprehensive technique that affects personal change, facilitates healing and attracts positive energy.

Her joy is guiding others to a deep level of healing unresolved conditions, patterns and emotions.  Various techniques, when used in personalized combinations, can affect profound permanent change physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and lead to a healthier, happier, grounded life.

Christine is caring, considerate, and sensitive towards the needs of others.  By working with a variety of clients, she’s developed a wide spectrum of insight and ease of connection between herself others.  She believes everyone is capable of overcoming their challenges and manifesting the life they want, including life purpose and empowerment.

Currently residing in Salem, Oregon, she works in person and by phone nationally and internationally.  Your session is in a safe, supportive environment.  She has a special interest in helping veterans and their families.

Another Tool in the Toolbox
Christine A. Loter, CHt.

Change can be a wonderful thing, especially when it leads to success, peace and happiness. I’ve discovered a program called Reimaging™ to be extremely effective in facilitating change and healing in my own life, as well as for others.

There will always be challenges and situations that trigger our subconscious patterns and arouse powerful emotions. Subsequently, many healing modalities are geared toward releasing these energies. I’ve determined that many of these techniques affect only one or several levels of consciousness, and don’t always pull out the roots of the pattern. Therefore, I often utilize several methods when working with clients, and most healers have a sizeable toolbox from which to draw different techniques that suit each client best. I recently added Reimaging™ (which works on seven levels of consciousness) to my toolbox with great success. Naturally, I’ve used Reimaging™ for myself to measure its effectiveness, and have been very pleased with the results.

Reimaging™ “is a hypno-imagery program developed by Santosha Nobel, that uses positive imagery and energetic release techniques to shift old patterns on seven levels of consciousness. It’s designed to help you rapidly change unwanted habits, tendencies, thought patterns, negative emotional states, and belief systems so that you can achieve a happier, more peaceful and productive lifestyle. This program is specifically constructed to help you deprogram negative patterns (comprised of emotions, beliefs, habit patterns and behaviors) and reprogram new ones. Reimaging™ addresses feelings, beliefs, personality parts, the subconscious mind, mental and physical habit patterns, and chakras.” I don’t know of any other modality that works on seven levels, and not just on the energy and issues of this lifetime, but past life karma, patterns, and trauma as well. That’s why it’s so effective with regards to issues such as relationships, fears and old karmic behavior patterns. It can also be used in combination with any other healing method.

This program can help you “regain a peaceful state of mind in the midst of almost any life situation.” After having achieved some level of mastery with Reimaging™, I found myself in a frustrating situation in which I had no control. It triggered old karmic themes such as being prevented from speaking my truth. In this case it would’ve not served any purpose due to the current climate of the situation. Rather than hold anger, I sat in my car and started processing using Reimaging™. Within about ten or fifteen minutes I felt much more neutral. By the time I arrived home, I had let go completely and felt at peace with the situation. Needless to say, the method worked, and from then on I felt comfortable in introducing the program to friends and clients.

Reimaging™ incorporates hypnosis, brief therapies (that help to identify and release old patterns and emotions), dream symbols, guided imagery (for example burning books or logs in a fire), positive suggestions, and frequencies and music. It can be combined with its audio program that merges sound and color frequency bands set to healing music, or used alone. The website is In addition to using it with clients, I will be teaching Reimaging™ in workshops so others can learn this valuable method and enrich their healing journey.

Christine A. Loter

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Christine A. Loter is a certified Clairvoyant Hypnotherapist and Reimaging™ consultant. She has an extensive background in healing, metaphysics and the paranormal. She works by phone or in-person with clients on their life purpose, healing journey and self-empowerment. 805-560-0480 Santa Barbara. E-mail: