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Santosha Nobel, CHt, BA, A.A.S

Santosha is a Certified Hypnosis Instructor,  Hypnotherapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor with a BA in Counseling and Creative Arts Therapies. She has completed over 100 hours of training in counseling in fully accredited college programs. She started out as a biofeedback therapist in an HMO. During her 37+ years employed as a counselor in agencies and private practice she’s lectured and led workshops. She has developed an aftercare program for victims of domestic violence, sobriety tool kits (an aftercare program for people in recovery), and the Whole Life Weight Loss Program. She specializes in Weight Loss, Clearing Toxic Emotions, Sleep Improvement, Addictions, and Performance Anxiety.

Santosha employs multiple therapy techniques including regression with depth hypnosis, stop smoking, weight loss with portion control. She integrates EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), EMT Eye movement therapy, NLP neuro linguistic programming, kinesiology, and Parts Therapy to help you achieve your greatest healing. All of these methods provide alternative solutions for addictions and clearing stage fright.

She has combined, hypnosis, breathe work and guided imagery to create Reimaging for clients and other health care professionals. Reimaging is an integrated guided imagery system (a hard back book with 2 audio programs) to help you completely unwind patterns from all areas of the psyche so they do not regenerate. Santosha is a complimentary wellness provider, healer and emotional coach. She also is an advanced energy and sound healer.

Santosha is considered a very accurate clairvoyant and medical intuitive, as well as being a natural researcher and developer of treatment regimens. She can intuit and teach you techniques to develop your own intuition for making important decisions in your life. Santosha writes about Life Purpose and can help you discover or up level yours. She frequently helps people make decisions on Real Estate, business, and love. She has a strong belief in the power of people to change and heal themselves and their lives, and loves to guide people into the process of talking to their higher selves to seek their own guidance.

She currently resides in Monterey, CA and works in person with clients or by Skype or Phone depending on your location and needs.

Memberships: National Guild of Hypnotists and member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists.

The Reimaging consultants listed below have all completed Level 1 Reimaging training. They have had a thorough introduction, training and practicum with Reimaging techniques as well as training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Focusing techniques. Each consultant brings their own unique brand of healing to their practices.

I have know each of these consultants as colleagues and friends for several decades. They are highly effective and unique practitioners as they work with the 7 Levels of Consciousness to facilitate healing. They have talent, integrity and a true passion for helping others. Please contact them individually for more information.

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Christine Loter

Christine Loter, CHt., ACH.

Hillary King

Hillary King

Benefits of Using Reimaging Consultants


  • Although Reimaging ® combines hypnotherapy, Reimaging® does not require hypnosis to be effective. This is an added benefit, in that clients that experience challenges being hypnotized can still fully benefit from the technique as would anyone else simply by relaxing and using focused attention and intention. When clients are informed of this, many are relieved because some, as we know, are challenged by the idea of hypnosis or even afraid of it because of trust issues, fear of not being able to be hypnotized, past experiences, and ideas they may harbor about hypnosis.
  • Learn a cutting edge technique well ahead of its time that is considered (Brief Therapy for the 21st Century) because what was brief therapy is now integrated, applied to multiple levels of the psyche or consciousness and additionally, is much faster. This is something that is extremely beneficial in an age where time is at a premium for most executives and average people. For example: one could step into a private area moments before a performance or sales presentation and calm oneself completely using Reimaging®, so that their performance is much more from the heart, smoother, more centered, grounded and intuitive, as well as more comfortable and creative. In brief, what used to take months of successive sessions can now take just a matter of hours and once learned by our subconscious, can take just minutes or seconds to complete.
  • Each time one overcomes another pattern or series of patterns via Reimaging®, confidence is boosted as is a sense of self-empowerment. Practicing Reimaging® can become a brand new way life because as one later clears all the levels where trauma (fears, stress, tension, overwhelm, pressure, anxiety, etc.) exist, and one calms down in an authentic real way having walked through, faced as well as cleared past trauma thoroughly and rapidly.
  • The technique (after using it a number of times (each individual is different in this aspect), becomes automatic. This means all one need do is identify an unwanted pattern, intend to change it and the subconscious mind does the rest as far as deprogramming. (One exception is the Chakra level which takes some conscious intention.)
  • Reimaging® works by clearing patterns using intention and imagery that underlie one’s issues on multiple levels. As one changes oneself, one’s behavior, reactivity and attitudes significantly shift and at the same time, one can see great improvement in the quality of all areas of one’s life. There is more gratitude, happiness, joy and ecstasy.
  • Reimaging® also has the added benefit of helping one to grow beyond their old limitations. This is intensely empowering. The client and trainee will have a tool, once learned, that works with lasting results. This tool, once applied, can cause one to realize that they no longer need be a victim of their own patterns or old programming. The philosophy behind Reimaging® does encourage people to take full responsibility for what happens in their life. They can then take those experiences as gifts to shift the underlying causes for what they have created. (This takes into account that not everything of course is created by subconscious patterns, as some experiences may be Karmic, according to some belief systems, pre-chosen, and quite deliberate for the growth of the higher self or soul (depending on the beliefs of the client.))
  • Reimaging® clears the patterns and most challenging situations either disappear or solutions become available to the conscious mind. As this author has seen in many cases, our unwanted or negative patterns tend to attract or cause us to subconsciously gravitate towards more of the same negativity. If we are depressed or chronically sad for example, we can be literally magnetizing or attracting in more circumstances that lead to greater sadness. This could be explained in part by focusing more on what is depressing so that one’s view of the world is colored and additionally there seems to be a magnetism or gravity force as explained in the laws of attraction that pull circumstances to us if we have not cleared our patterns that have created the circumstance initially. Clear the unwanted patterns and usually the challenging life situation has the chance to be resolved in a state of synchronicity. It’s about overcoming the obstacles and moving from point A to point B.
  • Reimaging® changes your energy and your personality traits in a step by step process so that many of your relationships change and noticeably become smoother, more loving and harmonious with others. In other words, your reactivity is reduced because the triggers are gone. Most of our life, whether it concerns our relations to business partner and associates, peers, home or social occasions is about relationships with our fellow human beings. (Using Reimaging ® , you can even improve and enjoy your relationship with your pets. In brief, improving all of our relationships and keeping them healthy and harmonious is very important to leading a quality, meaningful and fruitful life.
  • Learning Reimaging® as a tool for the Consulting Hypnotist challenges you as a professional to mentor how to stay standing on your surfboard in life, regardless of the waves or learning to recoup quickly (resilience) and use introspection towards identifying patterns, so that you can use Reimaging® further to prevent similar future challenges. In other words, once learned, Reimaging® can be used for the prevention of many mishaps in life. You also teach your clients this tool as a method of clearing rapidly to recover from many life issues. As such, it becomes a fabulous tool for coping with the ups and downs of life and a means of preventing many challenging circumstances.
  • Reimaging® can be joined with many other techniques and health care professionals, as it fits well into most holistic regimens used with clients. For example, used along with other techniques such as “Mapping” by Barbara D’Angelis and John Gray, it can help a relationship to become much more functional, intimate, loving and committed. I have used Reimaging® in a holistic fashion with chiropractors, doctors, acupuncturists, psychologists and alternative health care professionals of different kinds with great beneficial results.
  • One of the greatest beneficial secrets of learning Reimaging® is that it is a journey that leads to life-long change. It is not a temporary patch. If things come back up, it is because they need to be addressed for good reasons. Sometimes the subconscious mind wants more insight. That can be accomplished using the Insights portion of Reimaging®. At times unwanted patterns are held tightly by the subconscious mind, because it has no other means of creating safety or security. Reprogramming can be done at these time. If a pattern seems to reappear, it is because it needs to be further identified, honored and cleared. In other words, if patterns seem to return, it is because they are existent on deeper levels (Reimaging® Mastery Course for Certified Hypnotists offered as an additional 16 hour training course). Or, there are related patterns that need to be shifted. For example: I helped a client the other night clear blocks to being cooperative as well as collaborative. She basically asked me: was she finished with her relationship issues? Was this all she needed to do? I told her, the work we had completed would change much about her relationship with her partner and how she reacted to him. However, I pointed out that we may need to look at other related patterns as well, to shift towards greater harmony and love, such as her addiction to fighting and a tendency to argue. I explained that the more she committed to the process of eliminating unwanted patterns, the easier more harmonious, joyful and pleasant her relationship would become. Like anything else, learning a language, music or anything that require our dedication, commitment, perseverance to improve, self improvement works the same way. This is a very effective process.
  • Just like a computer will operate in a certain way until it is programmed differently, so do we. Since it is said that only 10% of our brains are actually used in our lives, this would mean that the other 90% lies in the shadow, unknown and often out of our reach. This shadow side of us may just be the subconscious and unconscious side. As such, it directs much of what we do, the decisions we make and how we and create our lives. Reimaging® was designed to be an intensely effective process as it sheds light on the shadow, clearing it step by step, so that we are no longer stopped and controlled by these automatic mechanisms or internal computer programming of the mind. Put simply, we begin to have more conscious choice over our responses. This leads to self-empowerment and a sense of being able to overcome almost any obstacle that presents itself. (At the same time, in Reimaging® Mastery we are challenged to remove tendencies such as: The tendency to suffer, misery, and always having to have a problem.) These types of tendencies are rarely identified, let alone addressed by other techniques.
  • If one pursues Reimaging® as a daily or weekly practice, other major changes start to take place. I’ve seen debilitating chronic illnesses disappear, major weight loss occur, chronic pain disappear, many childhood issues and areas of personal trauma no longer effect the individual and even addictions clear. Further, this change can and usually does hold permanently. Again, this is not a temporary patch. Additionally, blocks to life purpose, goals, and passions can cleared so that one can turn in the direction of fulfillment, anger can be reduced significantly, many emotional challenges such as low self-worth, lack of deserving, self-sabotage, self-defeat, and self-destruction disappear with this technique. Please Note: There are normally thousands of potential patterns to change. This means that our clients, if they are committed to change and willing to take responsibility for their lives as well as what they create, will stay long term and keep enjoying the benefits. I personally, for example, have never seen an illness or condition of any kind without concomitant patterns existing that can be cleared. Once done, this opening the client for greater wellness, possibly complete healing and or solutions that greatly benefit them.
  • Because Reimaging integrates so many different facets of brief therapies, it covers territory that normally would take 5 to 7 different alternative health care professionals. Because Reimaging addresses all 7 levels of the psyche and integrates multiple brief therapies, the hypnotist becomes multi-skilled and taught to help others in a very thorough way. The benefits and healing the client receives from the Reimaging® Consultant would normally require that the client see from 5 to 7 different practitioners to receive the same benefits. As a result, costs of seeing just one professional greatly reduces the expenses for the client for intense benefits well beyond what are currently being taught in alternative healthcare.
  • One secret benefit of Reimaging® is that after a period of time, one realizes that one is on a spiritual journey (not to be confused with religion or a spiritual path) that leads one to becoming a better person in many of the major attributes such as patience and compassion. Reimaging® is a journey well worth the taking.