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Hillary King, CHt, ACH, CRC

Hilary practices as a psychic, healer, clairvoyant, clairaudient and licensed hypnotherapist who began her training by studying at Berkeley Psychic Institute in 1991 and later graduated in 1995. Since 1991 she has studied various spiritual modalities and is a licensed minister.

Hilary has a strong belief that people can improve and change their lives for the better by shifting their inner energy patterns, emotions and beliefs. This energy is often negative and eventually gets manifested into form. If we have a “bad” time it’s because somehow we have attracted it. She believes this is the law of creation. Hilary believes we are all powerful creators and have the ability to change our lives. Hilary has spent years facilitating people to help themselves to do just this.

She holds that our thoughts and feelings have energy and through Reimaging, hypnotherapy, various other brief therapies and techniques we can change this energy and transform our lives. As a hypnotherapist doing Reimaging work, she simply guides people to deprogram their negative energy patterns that have developed over time, and generate more positive ones.

Hilary believes that each one of us is unique is the way we express our life purpose and passions. She is unconditionally loving, supportive, non-critical and warm as an energy healer and therapist. Hilary lives in the San Francisco Bay Area in California, and is available for appointment.