Intuitive Secrets by Santosha Nobel

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Intuitive Secrets by Santosha Nobel include learning intuitive methods for dream interpretations, kinesiology for helping you tap into your own ability for knowing to help you with toxic emotions, health issues, keeping and attracting love, and more. Song Flower Healing is a passive method of healing subconscious patterns using unique sound healing.

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Dream Interpretations

Have you ever wondered what your dreams were trying to tell you? Sometimes dreams can inspire, encourage, warn us or answer long-held questions, and provide important and very pointed personal guidance in your life. If you are one who does not remember your dreams, then your intuitive interpretations of the dreaming brain also can be an endless source of insight and guidance.

Intuitive Hits on Solutions to Health Issues

Open to wellness by clearing old patterns that keep you from healing. Subconscious blocks to our natural state of wellness can be physical expressions of long-held subconscious patterns and emotions. If you are sick or are into prevention techniques, then you may want to explore alternative, integrative avenues to healing. Stress has long been considered as a factor in illness.  It has already been scientifically proven that toxic emotions create a chemical cocktail in the body of hormones, etc., that can do great damage.  Medical doctors are advising that their patients get forgiveness therapy as a part of a healing regimen for cancer.  Maybe if your are suffering with a chronic condition you may want to explore how the mind/body interface can be healed to help you by clearing old subconscious patterns, beliefs, emotions.

Through kinesiology and Reimaging® you can help to improve immune function, and learn what is right for you in your process of healing.

When you remove certain emotional blocks, patterns and the “visualized energy” of disease, you can often come to brand new empowered choices, solutions opening more to love, healing, wellness, gratitude and peace. Water has been proven to be very changeable on a molecular level to emotions and thoughts, happy peaceful thoughts and energy equal happy peaceful water. Think about it: You are mostly made up of water.

Regaining wellness is often a process and an option that some wish to move towards in a holistic fashion. Using intuitive solutions and  kinesiology, you may find that you may be missing nutrients that could help you in your healing process. We all have our individual path to healing that offers many opportunities for growth. Always seek a competent health care professional or medical doctor in all matters of health.

Manifesting and Attracting Love

Many times people are subconsciously shut down to love even though they “think” they want it. Together, we can discover what old patterns need to be cleared that are blocking you from attracting or manifesting the love you want and then help you clear whatever prevents you from keeping it in your life. Typical patterns that block love are carried over from old wounds from how you have experienced love in the past. Let’s find out what is in your way and then clear it.

Learn to Resolve Issues and Come Back to Love

Relationships are one of our biggest ways of growing and you can learn to relate better to others by clearing your own core issues and patterns. Is it possible to keep and even grow from the love you have found? We often shut down our love stream due to hurt, anger and trauma closing avenues to love and communication while we are in relationship to others. This can lead to breakups and endings even with those who may be still be offering us love, encouragement and support. Through these techniques you can explore the opportunities to grow and become a better person for anyone with whom you choose to enjoy having a relationship.

Communication techniques can help you to keep your relationship honest, loving  nurturing and alive. Regardless of the type of relationship you wish to improve, you can learn to empower yourself to change to be a better partner, parent, friend, employee, employer or pet owner.

Identify and get on Your Path to Life Purpose

You can learn intuitive methods to help you identify your life purpose. Then you can begin to clear patterns and blocks that have kept you from taking those first steps to create a life that is more fulfilling, passionate and happier than ever before.

Help with Career Choices, Suitable Places to Live, Financial Decisions and More

Find out what your right brain has to say about the choices in career, financial matters and places to live. Using both Right Brain knowing and Left Brain analysis of statistics and facts can help you make holistic choices when you make important decisions.

Asking certain checkpoint questions on health, environment, quality of life, love and friendship can give you added heart-driven intuitive discernment towards empowered choices when you find yourself at a crossroads when moving, purchasing homes, buildings, or finding that special career. We can learn to break out our own mental prison made up of our own patterns, empower ourselves to create a better life.

Santosha has over 30 years experience in using kinesiology and feedback from your subconscious mind to help lift you out of despair, confusion and stress back towards hopeful solutions.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I can help you through hypnotic regression and/or guided imagery to also identify blocks and find many choices and solutions through the untapped powers of your own unconscious mind and higher self.

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