SongFlower Healing

SongFlower Healing

Please watch the free Stress Reduction Sound Healing video below before watching other videos.

Learn how to measure energy so you can determine the effectiveness of the video yourself, so that you know just how effective it is.

Learn how you can measure your own anxiety and fear and clear it with sound healing.  This easy to watch 8 minute video is dropping people’s anxiety and fears and reprogramming you with faith, peace and harmony.  Enjoy it and please notice how you feel before and after watching it.

Bonus tip:  You don’t have to watch it just have it on and listen while you do something else. This is general and not specific for types of fears.  For specific work on these or any emotional issues, you need to call me at: (831-747-2728) for an in person (if you are in the Monterey Bay area, telephone or Skype appointment.  Click on the picture or link below to watch and listen to the Anxiety Reducing Song Flower Healing video

Anxiety Reducing Sunflower Healing video

It’s a good idea to drink plenty of water after listening to Song Flower Healing as this is a powerful frequency technique that can potentially make more important flushing toxins from the body. It’s a good idea to ground yourself after listening to Song Flower Healing with the following Meditation:
1. See yourself steering a beautiful sailboat or yacht into a harbor and count yourself  up from 1 to 3 saying to yourself…when I reach 3, I’ll achieve  my usual vibratory rate and feel healed, healthier, better in every way, filling with love as I ground with golden cords all around my abdomen  and rooting into the ground.
2) Seeing myself steer my yacht or sailboat on a beautiful day with calm sparkling water.
3) Achieving normal vibratory rate as I steer towards docking my boat.
4) I am sending golden grounding cords all around abdomen into the ground and grounding 100 percent at the count of 3.

If you don’t like to be in the water use a train or bus whatever makes you comfortable as you travel to your normal vibration/frequency and ground fully—on a flat surface with clear access on a beautiful sunny day in noontime weather is great!