Enjoy a Free audio program that will help you heal trauma, relax and reduce stress in 45 minutes or less. 

Do you suffer with stress or tension? Would you like to heal trauma and upsets? Want to feel more relaxed and nurtured? Like to get a sense of what’s blocking you from creating what you want? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then you would benefit greatly by opting for your free audio program or ordering the Your Garden by the Sea CD.



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You can order this program as a CD (click on Pay Pal button below) for $16.00 plus 2.00 Shipping.  Or fill out the Registration for your free audio link.

Added Frequencies and Music

Help you relax, focus, balance the hemispheres of your brain while you clear areas of trauma. Ocean sounds and realistic sound effects (seals barking in the distance) and music with added frequencies help to deepen relaxation and create a deeply nurturing atmosphere. This CD has an entrancing 3 dimensional effect artistically and produced and designed by June Miller, JMC Studios Corte

Positive Dream Symbols

Positive Dream Symbols The Reimaging CD and Your Garden by the Sea both use universal positive dream imagery. This concept of using positive dream imagery in an effort to talk back to the subconscious mind using its own language is unique to the Reimaging Program.


This program utilizes light, hypnotic suggestion intended to relax the listener. Hypnosis could be said to be a process whereby the listener is relaxed enough to momentarily set aside or distract themselves from their continual conscious mental processes making it possible to openly communicate with the subconscious mind. These relaxed states generally enhance suggestibility, making it easier to create positive change, access memories, and help one access the amazing, healing resources of the subconscious mind. It has been said that all hypnosis is self-hypnosis.

Reimaging Journeys Series

This program is offered for purchase by itself and included in your Reimaging Course, this audio experience will take you on a journey into a beautiful garden by the sea. Here you will open to love, peace, joy, gratitude and ecstasy, after de-stressing, and relaxing. You’ll be able to identify areas of trauma and do exercises to ground yourself. You’ll be invited to explore how and what keeps you from moving forward towards your hearts desires. This CD will also prepare you to do the Reimaging Course.


Nurture Yourself

Open to more Love

Identify Blocks

Featured Comments

“Santosha helped me lose the fear that was holding me back in my life..
She also helped me improve my Relationship a lot. Her Reimaging works like quantum mechanic principles. Her Hypnosis and Reimaging helped me reach the core of what was going on. Thanks Santosha!”

Alisha Dickison

Santosha is a blessing! Her skill in offering hypnotherapy helped me quit smoking! Her loving vibes, knowledge, skills and abilities have helped me break the chains smoking had on me and my health! I highly recommend her services wholeheartedly!

Suzy Matsubara

When I came to see Santosha I was almost unable to be outside of my house due to the trauma I experienced. She cleared my auras and I immediately started to feel better and like I could be around other people. She’s been instrumental in helping me process my traumas and fears and I don’t know where I’d be without her help. Her intuitive readings have allowed me to connect with my mom who died and get important messages from her. The sound healing has really removed energetic barrier to my healing process. My mental health is so much better because I decided to follow my intuition and see Santosha.

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Written and narrated by Santosha Nobel
All music composed and performed by Brad Davis
All frequencies composed by Norm Howard
This entire program including music, frequencies and narrative was produced and engineered by
June Miller @ JMC Studios, Corte Madera, CA.