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The Reimaging® Technique has been of critical help to me. Several years ago I fell into a deep emotional slump, where previously unknown fears from childhood and long before were now all consciously visible to me. They were far too deep to utilize textbook counseling or psychology to help me. Through my Reimaging consultant, I became aware of the necessity to remove great quantities of negative energy, to start allowing my innate more positive self to come through. I have utilized the Technique to remove blocks to over a hundred negative issues, and continue ongoing work.
C.F., engineer, Santa Barbara, CA

Reimaging® has given me a new lease on life. It cut my anxiety and worry in half, and elevated my mood immediately. It’s a short-cut that can lower your stress level now. I am so grateful for this program, I’ll be using it from now on.

Bobbi Ryals, CAC, President, Ryals &
Associates, Inc. Search Services,
executive recruiter 25 yrs.

Reimaging® has eliminated patterns of behavior in me I didn't know I had! If you're committed to long term personal growth and to walking around with many of your burdens lightened or lifted, give it a try! It's eliminated many "past life problems" and a lot of the old ones!
B.B, computer consultant, Los Angeles, CA

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Reimaging: Transforming Your Life by Reinventing Yourself

  • Would you like to start attracting more prosperity and abundance into your life?
  • Are you having relationship challenges or, do you want love?
  • Do have chronic health issues, stress, tension, chronic pain, or are overweight?
  • Do fears, worries, the blues, or anger ruin the precious moments of your life?
  • Do you feel blocked from success or feeling stuck in some area of your life?
  • Would you like to clear old negative reactions, so that you respond differently to others? 

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions you may be subconsciously and firmly standing in your own way.  You may find out that absolutely everything that ever happens to you has occurred because of your  beliefs, attitudes, behaviors and emotions and lastly, subconscious patterns. 

You may find that intense emotions signal that there is underlying subconscious programming that lead to your unwanted behaviors. Psychologists call these buttons or triggers and they are what you may call  unwanted subconscious patterns. You may discover that your own buttons, triggers or  patterns may be creating illness, relationship challenges, weight issues, addictions and financial concerns. In other words, these patterns may be magnetizing, creating and orchestrating negative circumstances in your life.

You may discover that if you clear your old patterns (such as feeling unlovable, not good enough, or stored trauma, resentment, grief, etc.,) that whatever issue is in your life may improve miraculously or disappear completely. Even big issues often have underlying “unwanted patterns” that can be cleared step by step such as chronic illnesses, addictions, overweight, and relationship issues.  You may realize that  every so called test, lesson (problem or issue) in your life is magnetized from your own subconscious patterns.

Benefits of Doing Reimaging

What Others Are Saying About Reimaging

One awakening you may have is that life can be literally showing you  how to improve yourself, incrementally one step at a time through my own issues.  No unwanted patterns equal no gravitational pull (attraction) for the issue, which means that unwanted situations have a hard time remaining in your life or greatly improve if you are willing to change.

The laws of intention, attraction and creation work interactively and they are real.  You may discover that just about everyone is being subconsciously victimized and sabotaged by their subconscious patterns in some area of their lives. The truth is that you may never see anyone in any circumstance of suffering that isn't largely due to their own unwanted patterns. 

Maybe you are like I am and you realize that life presents lots of opportunities for our personal transformation.  Many believe that these could well  be a large reason for our physical existence.  Now you can clear and overcome tests, lessons, vexing issues that pop up in your life.

Description of your Reimaging Course

Reimaging is a life altering path for those serious about self improvement, self-development and personal growth. This is a realistic, comprehensive, guided imagery, deep therapy process designed to help you clear your triggers, buttons or what I call subconscious patterns and reprogram new ones. You are invited to begin emotional, mental, and physical healing to attract love, prosperity and success.

You can enjoy this process on your own with the Reimaging self-help course or receive consulting and coaching sessions with me or with a trained Reimaging Consultant. 

Call 1-888-734-6243 or click on Consultants on this site to find someone with whom you feel a connection.

Start attracting, intending, attracting, embracing and creating what you want in life. As you journey through the process, watch as your life measurably and amazingly transforms. This process works because it works with the laws of intention, attraction and creation.

Reimaging is sold as a self-help course that includes 2 CDs, a Laminated User Guide and a Book. For the price of just one session with a hypnotherapist or counselor you can have endless sessions in the convenience or your home or office. This program includes a CD called Your Garden by the Sea  a guided imagery process for reducing your stress, identifying your blocks, and clearing your upsets or trauma. Click above to read about this amazing audio program that’s also sold separately.  The course also comes with a beautifully crafted 2nd CD entitled Reimaging  that leads you step by step through the Reimaging process. Both CDs contain lovely music, ocean sounds and frequencies to help you relax and focus on vocal guidance.

We also offer emotional and wellness coaching for your health, issues of chronic pain, sleep improvement, healing relationships, habit removal.

Intuitive Hypnotherapy can assist you in making informed, insightful personal and business decisions.

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