The Frequencies

(Excerpts from Chapter 17, of Reimaging: Transforming Your Life by Re-Inventing Yourself, by Santosha Nobel, 2005)

The frequencies overlaid on this program are mostly inaudible and have been included to help you to achieve a focused, yet deeply relaxed attention. A ramping effect is included in this CD so that overlaid frequencies begin at approximately 14 hertz (beta brainwave) and ramp (or lower) to 11 hertz so that the listener achieves a deeply relaxed alpha brainwave state. At the completion of the program the frequencies again ramp up to 14 hertz to help the participant to awaken fully. Throughout the program there are subliminal frequencies that range from 3 hertz (delta brainwave) to 14 hertz (beta brainwave). These are encrypted in the sounds of the ocean that the listener hears.

Listening to these harmonic tones causes “brain-entrainment.” This phenomenon, which synchronizes the right and left hemispheres of the brain may enable one to use more total brain capacity. Synchronizing the separate hemispheres has been well researched and has been shown to cause the brain to operate more as a whole. Greater synchronicity between hemispheres has been researched and has been shown to increase one’s ability to visualize, create, and learn.

When frequencies are heterodyned or combined, the brain normally generates its own phantom frequency. The creation of this phantom wave is the brain’s own “frequency-finding” response, eliminating the tendency toward mental habituation, aiding in imagining and focusing.

By heterodyning (combining) and multiplexing radio frequencies, ranging on this program from 3 to 14 hertz, we are able to generate billions of harmonic vibrations that cause a “frequency finding” response in approximately 3 minutes. Also, frequency combining has been shown to improve intuition, create altered states of consciousness, and aid in the alleviation of multiple conditions such as depression, insomnia and headaches, according to some studies recently conducted. Generally, stress reduction, lowered blood pressure and the increased immune function have all reported to result from listening to frequency combining.

Studies conducted have revealed that: Alpha synchronization (8-12 Hertz) has been tested and shown to increase certain neuro-chemical levels. For example serotonin, associated with states of joy and well-being increased 21%; norepinephrin 11%; and beta-endorphins, the body’s own narcotic that helps reduce pain levels, increased 25%.

Brainwave levels

1-3 Hertz: Delta brainwaves emitted by the brain during deep sleep and lucid dreaming. Delta brainwaves have been shown to increase immune function.
4-7 Hertz: Theta brainwaves are associated with meditation, deep relaxation, increased memory and focus. Theta brainwaves are often used for the reduction of sadness and an improved sense of well-being.
8-12 Hertz: Alpha brainwaves producing assistance with creative visualization, super learning and positive thinking.
13-25 Hertz: Beta brainwaves commonly associated with alertness. Higher Beta ranges may be experienced when one is aroused or stressed.
The human body is made up of trillions of cells. Each individual cell, and each cell group, can be measured at its own oscillating or vibrating frequency. Some authorities believe that toxins, created by different types of pollution, may cause cells to mutate. When a cell begins to mutate it becomes diseased and begins to vibrate at a different frequency. However, a cell that has lost its original frequency may begin to vibrate with the cellular frequency of a nearby cell. Therefore, when we are exposed to certain multiplexed frequencies, it is believed we can help cells regain their original frequencies.

It is advised that you use head phones to listen to this program to achieve the best results.

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Please note: The audio program contains frequencies that could damage speakers if volume is set too high or certain settings such as bass or treble are not balanced properly to accommodate such sounds. Headphones are highly recommended with the audio segment of Reimaging.