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Life Purpose as a Spiritual Quest

I have found for myself that pursuing my Life Purpose has challenged me to a life of spiritual evolution that is intense and satisfying. I feel that pursuing Life Purpose leads all of us on a journey of spiritual growth. If we avoid this inevitable evolution through addiction or other distraction, we may be running from one of the greatest opportunities that physical life has to offer.

For example, if your Life Purpose includes public performance and you have stage fright, and in the natural course of your development you overcome your stage fright, then you will develop more faith, one step in your journey of spiritual growth. You might not ever encounter the opportunity to feel your stage fright if you are not on the path of your Life Purpose, or at least without the intention of being on it.


According to just about every religion known to mankind, the development of certain virtues or spiritual traits is the key to spiritual growth.  I have noticed that each spiritual attribute is painful as you evolve into it. To further evolve these traits, one needs the experience of the pain it takes to develop such virtues and a way to overcome each pain and shortcoming.  Think of it as growing pains. It may be said that the contrast of where we are, to where we could be, in spiritual growth creates the pain. To alleviate the pain, we usually need to let go of a pattern or a belief system and the emotions that go with them.

From what I’ve experienced from watching folks suffering with their addicted lives, I see that they are running from pain and not taking the opportunity it offers for change. If you don’t embrace your pain then you never have the chance to overcome it. The act of overcoming it creates spiritual growth.


Here’s the good news: with the advent of many of the healing techniques that are available now, you needn’t stay in pain long. Our society’s perpetual need to immediately eliminate pain steers us away from looking at what’s causing it, overcoming it and clearing it. With the exception of grief and some forms of what psychologists call depression, many states can be overcome rapidly, with techniques being employed by hypnotherapists, hypnotists, coaches and therapists.
Your Life Purpose is an important key to your spiritual development and meeting your tribe.


The Life Purpose is a circuitous path that leads us on a journey to meet people with whom we share passions and interests.  Without pursuing it, these precious contacts are never made and the resultant spiritual and emotional development is never completed.  When it comes to friendship, once you accept yourself and what you came here to do, others are will be more likely to accept you too. On your special path, you will also meet many  people with whom you have a lot in common.

If you cannot embrace your Life Purpose, the result, to some degree, is that you may miss living the life you intended.  You may always feel like you are on the outside looking in because you are living outside of who you are. Ultimately, we may judge ourselves as having wasted our lives without this movement to embrace and accept ourselves and the reason we came here.
In recent years, Ron Howard produced a Movie entitled: “Lady in the Water”.  The plot of the movie revolved around a mythical mermaid type creature whose purpose was to instill in mankind ideas that would change its destiny or the course of its future. In it was featured an author whose purpose was to write a book that would influence one man with a political quest and that that act would then change the course of mankind. Can you imagine writing a book to influence one person only? What about influencing the one person that in turn can shift consciousness in the world at that time?  This is one of the mysteries of the Life Purpose.

Life Purpose basically defines our role in life and not our income, status, profile, or anything of the ego. It may bring about fame and fortune. The inherent lessons and tests that accompany these kinds of lives may be needed to create necessary growth. I feel these experiences are prearranged before entering life.

As you follow your Life Purpose, it unfolds in various ways.  It is not always easy to see what is right for the individual.  When I’ve done Life Purpose readings they usually start out very general and then evolve into specific ideas or suggested careers. As the reading continues the purpose becomes more detailed as it unfolds. These readings can continue with more information coming through for hours.  It’s incredible!  If preferred,  I coach others into ways of identifying their own life purpose or we do a combination. It depends on the individual.

Does everyone have a Life Purpose?  I have experienced those who do not have a definiite Life Purpose in this life. Sometimes, this is a result of what they have set up for themselves.  I have seen some people come into existence almost solely for the sake of the spiritual growth or healing of others. This is true for some that regardless of how they spend their work hours they are still accomplishing what they set out to do. I knew a sign painter whom I could not pick up a specific Life Purpose but wherever he went he healed and uplifted those around him.

There are also those who have planned an early exit from life.  In such cases, their Life Purpose is more about relationships with others and helping others to Let go and Accept.

I feel that most people have a rather specific Life Purpose filled with lots of opportunities to overcome fears and encounter parts of themselves that need to grow.  It’s usually not a general thing like, “My Purpose is to spread light in the world”, but rather,  “My Purpose is to create beautiful clothing and to paint works of art.” Spreading light in the world or putting out positive sound waves is more descriptive of what I have come to learn to be ones’ Mission in life. I interpret the Mission to be like light that shines through a stained glass window casting a spectrum of multiple colors of the Life Purpose into the world.