If you wish to manifest something in your life, here are some steps to take to  help turn your dreams into reality.

1. How important to you is it to manifest this desire? How upset are you that you don’t have what you want?

2. See the object of your manifestation and breathe through whatever keeps it from you. As you identify any blocks to its manifestation, breathe through them with the intention of clearing everything in the way of manifesting your desires.

3. What is blocking the manifestation of your desire now? How are you resisting a favorable outcome?

4.What do you need to learn from not having this thing? Sometimes we need to get something important from NOT having what we want. This might be humility, patience or some other quality.

5. Keep Clearing to having earned your manifestation already.

6. Imagine you are in the Akashic Record room (put yourself there by intention). See yourself viewing a book of Karma. Forgive everyone and everything including yourself that is in this story (what generally keeps Karma in play is a lack of forgiveness for yourself or others). Intend to breathe through any Karma.

7. Be sure to clear any Sacred Agreements that keep you stuck. Imagine and intend that you are signing release documents to clear any such spiritual agreements.

8. Clear inter-life agreements via intention.

9. Totally accept things the way they are. Remember that nothing changes until you accept things the way they are. Breathe through this, let go and let higher power take it from there.

10. Allow energy to come between your hands to indicate what needs to shift next. Be patient with yourself and the process of life.Manifesting takes time and persistence.

11. Create a vision board and display it on your refrigerator. Whenever you see it, imagine yourself already enjoying what ever you wish to manifest. Make it realistic. What would be happening in and around this manifestation? See that happening.

Example: If it is a new home you are manifesting, see yourself enjoying your life in your new home – phone ringing, answering the doorbell at the front door. See yourself sleeping there, eating breakfast, enjoying entertainment and entertaining guests.

12. Toss a cord to the objects on your vision board and pull it towards you whenever you have the chance. Notice if there is a space between you and the object of manifestation after you’ve tossed the cord. This may indicate that time needs to pass or that there is another block.

If you need help with any of these suggestions, give me a call and tell me you want to work on manifestation!