Help for Stubborn Addictions

and Compulsive Behavior


When people come to me for help with addictions (smoking cessation, alcohol, issues with overeating), I usually find that their challenges stem mostly from the inability to handle anxiety and stress. Part of what I do is teach folks alternative ways to manage emotions and stress via self-hypnosis, audio programs that I create, and other techniques.
The  addictions are unconsciously developed to handle stress and negative emotions, and to fulfill our unmet needs. Most addictions contain elements of compulsiveness. Such behaviors  are our knee jerk, unconscious reactions to life. Because hypnosis penetrates the area of the unconscious via the subconscious, hypnotherapists have the opportunity to intercept these compulsions at the source.  There are also specific neuro-linguistic programming techniques (NLP) that can be employed to stop compulsive behaviors.
Further, some of what is normally done with hypnosis is regression to the initial sensitizing event.  Many hypnotists agree that no real healing can occur without going back to what initially caused the behavior (usually trauma) and healing that at the start.  Many of the techniques clients experience with me unravel what’s really going on and what’s causing their overeating or addictive behavior.  My intention is to be 100% effective assisting my clients as they become free of compulsions and self defeating behaviors. This is usually a process not an event.
With obesity and addictions, it usually takes a series of sessions to uncover and clear the myriad of patterns, trauma and reactivity which underly addictive behavior.  If the food, cigarette or other   substance is being used to fill a vacuum in one’s life (a need) then it sometimes takes some real life style changes on the part of the client to achieve healing. Often a smoker that cannot quit may also be addicted to or is frequently using pot and/or alcohol. These substances will greatly complicate smoking cessation. Usually, they need to pause their usage of these substances for at least a couple of weeks to allow them to let go of the cigarettes. Help from hypnotherapy in these cases can not be achieved in one session or even a few, which is why it is typical  for doctors to prescribe hypnotherapy for 10-12 sessions.

Insurance reimbursements can help with costs if your insurance covers hypnotherapy. With or without insurance, we find a way to work within your budget so that we can proceed forward with your healing. We can talk about a sliding scale to help you if you are low income or retired.


Santosha Nobel Hypnotherapy is relocating to:


Monterey, CA as of 3/24/16. 

If you have been a Bellingham client or associate please note that I do the same work you may have experienced in person on Skype or by phone.

You can still call or text: 360-922-0777 and set up a phone or Skype session with me.  This will become my cell phone.  My Office phone, as of 4/2/16 will be: 831-747-2728.


I have enjoyed serving you in Bellingham and look forward to hearing from you in Monterey.

Many Hypnotherapists are doing sessions via Skype. It is very effective and in my case, because I am so empathic the distance can actually help me get greater clarity for you.

You can receive medical intuition work, sample energy clearings with kinesiology, and intuitive hits on life purpose, love, a thorough look at possible Real Estate purchases, for only $20.00 for 20 minutes.