On this one day we commemorate our Gratitude. Thanksgiving.  It’s always a good reminder to go over everything in our lives we have to be Thankful for.  Depending upon how your life is going, it can be a challenging task to get into a Thankful state of mind.

It’s interesting that we rarely look at our blocks to gratitude and clearing them.  They are as apparent as any other blocks and even if you’ve cleared these blocks in the past, it can clog again due to intense upsets and experiences that are perceived as traumatizing.  Every once in awhile, it’s a good idea to check to see if you are 100% cleared to feel gratitude. Let’s face it, if you are filled with resentment, if you need to do forgiveness work, if you are grieving, traumatized or afraid, it’s pretty hard to tap into Gratitude. Checking to see if you are cleared to experience positive feelings is one way you can stay more positive in a conscious fashion through intention.

Don’t trust your conscious assessment. Most people will say sure, they are grateful for what they have.  The conscious mind assessment is not where you’ll find this information.  You can try putting it on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being high gratitude. Say for example, maybe you are a 7 in gratitude right now.  If you are not a 10 it’s time to clear what’s blocking the positive energy. There are many methods of accessing this unconscious information. Assigning a number is only one.  Hypnosis can lead to much truth on the matter and so can kinesiology, and certain imagery techniques.  Once you have a sense of what’s going on, you can intend and breathe it out on all levels mind/body/spirit. This is my Collapse and Release method of Reimaging. Can it be that simple?  It can be. Sometimes people want more insight into what is blocking positive emotions and this is a good idea for many, as it can lead to a lot of insight.

On a scale of 1 to 10,  how grateful are you?  How happy are you? How peaceful are you?

If you are getting numbers below 10, remember, the gift is in the measurement because once you can measure something you can change it. That’s empowering. I know it’s not always possible to achieve clearing instantaneously. Clearing is not just about feeling better. Clearing these channels is altogether important for manifesting more of what you want and for just enjoying your present moments.  They all require re-achieving over and over because, as you know, no state is static, and like the weather, everything is always changing.

With my Reimaging Program that I created in 1998 and published in 2007 I teach that there are seven levels to be cleared.  Clearing each level is very important if you want to effect permanent change and overcome inner obstacles. Many techniques are fabulous for temporarily interrupting our habitual patterns and behaviors. In my experience, these patterns grow back if they are left even on just one level. That’s the thing, when a pattern exists on one level it usually exists on all seven. These seven levels are interactive. For example, if you have strong beliefs on something (one level) it will stimulate strong emotions (another level). And, if you just clear emotions it doesn’t mean you effect change on your beliefs.  If beliefs, thoughts, emotions, as well as four other levels are not each cleared you may not get the long term results that you are seeking.

The key is to return to Gratitude, Happiness and Peace as often as you can because this is the way to invite the sun from behind the clouds. Interestingly, clearing these patterns will most likely lead us to more enjoyment of the upcoming holidays and each moment.  It is also helpful for getting back into your heart and staying more present.  This can be an empowering task for all of us on a daily, weekly, monthly basis with a very happy ending.

I was once told, “Nothing ever changes until you accept things as they are.” Coming back to Gratitude, Happiness or Peace requires we do just that. This means clearing attachment to the outcome or having things go your way. This means clearing our need to be in control. Most of us are challenged with the illusion that we can control outcomes.

Well, it’s easy to say we’ve let go, it’s easy to write about it.  Doing it is another thing entirely. Once you learn how to check yourself you’ll be able to see just how much you really have let go.  Just please keep in mind, these are some great ways to stay tuned into the the positive forces of life and enjoy the upcoming holidays even more.

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Happy Holidays!