Song Flower Healing
Have you ever asked yourself what is the root cause or the event that may have stimulated my current health or other situation?
When you do this you can connect to the initial event that is called the initial sensitizing event that may have created the situation in the first place.
I work with these “sensitizing events” all the time with folks and they are power to find and shift.
Have you thought about the your subconscious and prevention of flues, colds and other very serious illness? The questions above can start to lead to some serious answers.
It has already been shown scientifically that the immune system, neurological system, our moods, and our endocrine system that produces hormones are all related.  Scientists have documented for years that the folks with the  attitudes that point towards winning or overcoming illness or conditions seem to do better in recovery.
Do you think that’s possible?
Studies have long shown that the subconscious mind and stress (worry, fears, anxiety, etc.) play a major roll in illness both in prevention and healing. In other words studies have long shown that stress (anger, fear, upsets) and illness go hand in hand.
You can learn how your moment to moment reactions to things effect your immune system.
I’ve noticed that the immune system can be measured energetically and is very telling as to how open or closed we are to health.
So,would you like to learn how to achieve or re-achieve Happiness Daily? That can really help with everything from the immune system to your finances.
Want to know how to remove old trauma that may echo in your life in the form of fear, anger, and sadness that keep you in stress and   gratitude as well as your greatest joy?
Would you like to stop standing in your own way regarding weight loss, your life purpose, passions, performances or magnitizing more prosperity, fun and the joy of life?
What if you could learn how to remove energy you don’t want from body/mind/spirit and begin to notice how your life unfolds differently?
Also if you suffer with blocks to happiness, fears, chronic sadness, weight issues, chronic pain, performance anxiety, anger issues know that much can be accomplished towards your goals by clearing the subconscius mind and body/mind/spirit.
If you clear core trauma, (initial sensitizing events) choices, priorities and decisions change towards healing, greater welliness, happiness, joy, peace,your greatest perfomances and abundance. You’ve taken one big step towards success in every area of your life. You basically can stop your misery yourself in different areas of life.
You can clear this energy via Song Flower Healing. Song Flower Healing is now available via phone. What is it?  It is a passive form of Reimaging that came to me after a near-death experience in my 50’s.
By creating the vibrational equivalent (via song), in other words I’m singing to you to clear you of whatever you want to address and like  it creates the energy or frequency of what happening to you.  When two identical energies come together in the same space/time they cancel each other out.
Further, I start to channel visions that can be my imagery of your sensitizing event. By reframing memories of upsets or what psychologists refer to as trauma you can experience healing in just about any area of life in a short period of time.
Please check out free samples of Song Flower Healing Samples where I’m working with clients on the radio.  Just log and follow Song Flower Healing link to media tabs.
 Exercise: Intend to go to the initial sensitizing event or ISE of whatever bugs you and you can experience substantial healing.  For example what’s the initial sensitizing event that lead to your health issue of _________?
Song Flower Healing and Reimaging both address Root Causes or ISE’s.  This does not have to be a secret.  Everyone needs to know how to have an energetic boost on immune system, resistance and cellular resistance in these times.  It’s an importance part of holistic healing.  We need all the protection we can get, right?
Quiz:  How healthy are you on a scale of 1-10?  If you are not a 10 maybe it’s time to experience Song Flower Healing and/or Reimaging and see how close you can get.  Life follows subconscious mind and then we tend to manifest from there. 
My experience regarding Santosha’s work has been remarkable. I have had a number of personal readings from her over the years that were very accurate and helpful. In the last several months however, certain circumstances have caused me to become sleepless, agitated, depressed and anxiety ridden. I called Santosha for help.

We decided to try a new approach she had developed called “Song Flower” technique, where she literally sang to my psyche. Each session addressed a different symptom. I can tell you that during the time of each session, I could feel the heaviness lifting and by the end, it was virtually gone, and has not returned. This series of sessions took approximately one to two weeks. My depression and feelings of hopelessness have not returned, and I have regained my positive mental attitude.

I am very grateful to Santosha and her wonderful work. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

In 30 minutes, I cleared one isssue I’d been dealing with all my life! I feel so much lighter now! BB
In times like these it’s easy to blame the economy and a general pervasiveness of fear consciousness for just about everything. Many people are saying maybe now is not the time to do life purpose. And maybe your purpose how you manifest in the highest is most needed now by everyone.  We need each other right now to be on our paths.
Remember what I’ve said before. I didn’t believe it for a long time until I noticed that by changing my subconscious stance (that part of my patterns I have not been conscious of but could sense via intuitive and kinesthetic readings that in life my whole dance changed.
P.S. If you don’t want to receive these e-mail in the future I will be concerned,  dissapointed, pained, and wondering why in the heck that is.  Let me know if I can improve or you’d like to see something different in the future.  I offer nothing but pure, unadulterated help for folks that seek me out.  Otherwise, I refund there money immediately.  If you are serious about change, I am  serious about coaching,self-improvement mentoriing, finding intuitive solutions, that help you.
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