One way to calm yourself in challenging times.
No matter what is going on in your life, just know that there is a way to overcome it.  Perhaps that’s why it’s in your life.  It’s your class, your test, your challenge. I know some things take longer and are a bigger process like grief, for example.
Many agree that what marks the end of any test or challenge or even grief is the act of letting go or accepting it. We can still be intending solution and let go at the same time. This is what makes letting go so different from giving up. Not to mention all the carried upset or trauma that accompanies giving up. When we give up we oftenstop intending a solution. We drop our persistence and committment and retreat into a dispondency or chronic sadness. We retreat and withdraw our energy.
Sometimes. long term goals take incredible patience and endurance. Calvin Coolidge was known for his sayings about persistence being the main reason for success…not genius. And further, it’s nice to know when one feels they are failing that, that is only because they are somewhere on their journey to success.  How many falls did you take on your journey to learning how to walk?
It takes great faith and courage to succeed at anything of any worth or value.  It is a process that tests our fears, discomforts, that challenges us out of our comfort zone so to speak.  So, in the the following guided imagery journey let’s stongly intend and then let go, for as long as it takes to achieve our end goal.  This is a powerful exercise to do each morning if you like.
Let’s start by taking a couple of deep breaths and relaxing as much as possible. You may wish to read this below then close your eyes and take some quiet time and do what works for you. You can see, sense, pretend or know you are doing the following:
You find yourself in a clean and well lit  kitchen.  You have windows that look out onto beautiful scenery—perhaps it’s sunny and there are colorful birds about singing merrily. Maple and fur trees sparkle in the sunlight outside. The time is 12:00 noon.
Sense or imagine you are baking a pumpkin pie. You feel happy and comfortable.You can hear the musical chirping or songbirds. The scent of pumpkin pie baking in the oven permeates the air. When the pie is cooled, you cut the pie into pieces to share with guests which you have invited to sit around a clean round oak table. The feeling around the table  is filled with gratitude, joy, peace and love. With each piece served, you let go andbreathe out whatever is keeping your currentchallenge, situa tion or emotion in your life. You breathe in strong intention to accomplish your goal.  As you warmly smile and see your guests smiling back, you strongly intend that the energy that holds this situation in place in your life is transformed into what you want.
Remember too, if you suffer with blocks to happiness, fears, chronic sadness, weight issues, chronic pain, performance anxiety, or anger issues, know that much can be accomplished towards your goals by sound healing joined with imagery to clear the mind and body/mind/spirit.
It’s been my experience that everything in life is a self-improvement classroom.  We often take things too personally or are unable to let go because we have strong patterns of control, my way or the highway, or others that bind us. We literally can’t see the forest for the trees so we get locked into our experience and re-create it time and again.
Changing these patterns is a process and needs our focus, and intention. We all have thousands of patterns and many folks like me believe our outward life is largely a reflection of  these subconscious patterns.  I cannot conceive of anything more important  than ridding oneself of limiting patterns. It makes the difference between passing our life tests and overcoming challenging situations or perpetuating our experience perhaps even beyond this existence.
There’s a simple equation we all know of which some of you may have heard me speak.  3+1=4.  In my work we eliminate the 1 and the result by nature is no longer going to be 4. Let’s say that 1 represents your  patterns and the 4 represents whatever is manifesting that you want to change.
To put it another way if you want to go to point B from A we eliminate what’s keeping you from that goal  INSIDE.  Then you take ACTION STEPS TOWARDS YOUR GOAL IN YOUR LIFE.  This way all of you is pointed in one direction..your intention, your goal, your dream.
Please check out free samples of Song Flower Healing where I’m working with clients on the radio.  Just log and follow Song Flower Healing link to media tabs or click on the links on this newsletter.  This works on the principle as I’ve said before of poly-exclusion.  I create frequencies that match yours in a trance state and this eliminates your frequencies. It’s the same principle operant in radionics and the Qx quantum healing.
Announcement:  My Alps Class went well.  I demonstrated both Guided Imagery for insights and emotional release and Song Flower Healing.  Out of about 20 people in attendance, I asked folks to measure stress with muscle testing 1 to 10. Then,  I demonstrated Song Fllower Healing focused on stress.  After 5 minutes, of singing, none of the participants could measure or find any stress.  Does that seem powerful to you?
New Class Announcement:
I will be starting a guided imagery, sound healing class in my home in North Beach every other Sunday at 2:00PM to 4:00PM starting January 6th and will be the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. This class will be held for $20.00 donation. Those who lack means are invited to donate what they can. Our first topic will be clearing blocks to success, and fear of success. Come and experience rapid healing, transformation of patterns both present and ancestral. Please call me at 360-385-240l to reserve your spot for this powerful transformative workshop series. Space is limited at this time.
By the way, it was wonderful to meet all of you that attended my class and I look forward to doing another class at ALPs.
My experience regarding Santosha’s work has been remarkable. I have had a number of personal readings from her over the years that were very accurate and helpful. In the last several months however, certain circumstances have caused me to become sleepless, agitated, depressed and anxiety ridden. I called Santosha for help.
We decided to try a new approach she had developed called “Song Flower” technique, where she literally sang to my psyche. Each session addressed a different symptom. I can tell you that during the time of each session, I could feel the heaviness lifting and by the end, it was virtually gone, and has not returned. This series of sessions took approximately one to two weeks. My depression and feelings of hopelessness have not returned, and I have regained my positive mental attitude.

I am very grateful to Santosha and her wonderful work. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

In 30 minutes, I cleared one isssue I’d been dealing with all my life! I feel so much lighter now! BB
P.S. If you don’t want to receive these e-mails in the future, I will be concerned,  dissapointed, pained, and wondering why in the heck that is.  Let me know if I can improve or you’d like to see something different in the future.  I offer nothing but pure, unadulterated help for folks that seek me out.  Otherwise, I refund their money immediately.  If you are serious about change, I am  serious about coaching, self-improvement, healing you and finding intuitive solutions that help you.