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“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and
the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”


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Santosha is a certified Hypnotherapist
and Chemical Dependency Counselor
with a background in Counseling and
Creative Arts Therapies. Member of
National Guild of Hynotists. Guest on
numerous radio and television shows.
I’ve done work shops and train other
professionals including those with Phds
and Masters Degrees in related fields.
Santosha is a Hypnotheraist who is also
an emotional coach and personal
development mentor.
She has combined multiple brief
therapies, hypnosis and guided imagery
to create
® for clients and
other healthcare professionals.
Santosha is an alternative care provider
and not a licensed health care
In the Intuitive Realm:
Santosha is an intuitive who specializes
in wellness issues, chronic pain, love
and issues of finance and best places to
live. I also help in life/death transitions
and dream and waking dream
interpretations including explanations
and interpretations as to what makes a
song go through your head.  In other
Santosha often finds that when you have
that experience of  songs going through
your head  that, that is trying to tell you
something.  Santosha uses empathic
kinesiology to find
intuitive solutions and clear energetic
blocking patterns and find solutions.
Santosha is also a trance medium who
helps people contact those whom they
have recently lost. She also channels
guides and angels.
She is able to do sleeping and waking
dream interpretation and songs that
come up through the subconscious
mind. Songs that repeat in your head.
Santosha is dedicated to helping people.
She holds great belief in the powerof
people to change and heal themselves
and their lives.
® Course, including two
audio CDs, is available for 75.00 on web.
I will meet or beat any price out there for
my course.
The first CD guides you through the step
by-step process of
®. The
Your Garden by the Sea
nurtures and relaxes you as it helps you
blocks that stand in your way so that you
them later. To order, call
us at the number listed below. Ask your
Consultant or log onto our
website for more information.

Song Flower Healing

Want to have a stress free life? Do
you think that’s possible?
Tired of being run by stress and
Want to have a better quality of life?
Would you like to learn how to
achieve or re-achieve Happiness

Want to know how to remove old
blocks of trauma that echo in your
life in the form of fear?
Would you like to stop being your
own best victim of your own
programs, habits and stored trauma
that keeps you reactive to situations
where others are cool and calm or
push others away?
Would you like to remove blocks
that hold you back from achieving
weight loss, your life purpose,
passions, or magnitizing more
prosperity, fun and the joy of life?
Hi Everybody!
Have you noticed that everything is a
frequency. Each color is made up of
frequencies as are emotions and habits.
We are all energy.
Energy is either moving forwards or
backwards it’s in mo
tion, it does not stay
The New Song Flower Approach
developed is just like having your own
unique Radionics Session or what is now
known as a QX session by
clashing frenquencies together to remove
underlying issues and thereby improve
quality of life, attitu
des, and improvement
of health in general if you go to and click on the
link you can test this for idea for yourself. I
now have a free MP
3 of Song Flower
Healing and Gratitude
(about 18 minutes)
loaded  on there if
you click the link on if
you click the link on
Song Flower Healing
and you can check it
out for yourself.

The Song Flower MP3 will coach you
through each step to evaluate how you are
doing and to see if it helps you.  I tell you
how during the MP3 to evaluate where you
are.  If there is en
ergy left over you may
need to listen again or expel it in a privated
session. Be sure to
do Grounding Exercises
when complete. If you
are on the site again
fournd through
click on Song Flower
Healing, you will see
tabs for media, grou
nding, contact and
You may need insights to clear it.
Make sure you click on the media tab or
links below to hear
actual radio shows
where I have helped pe
ople with issues like
achieving the creative side of their life
t’s also worked to clear long standing Chronic Pain
issues, Weight Loss, Blocks
to Sleep, Multiple Fears
and Stored Upsets (or what psychologist call PTSD
and Deep Seated Trauma of every kind.)
If you need insights, your subconscious
mind will indicate that to me or to you. I
can help you with thin
gs as sometimes the
subconscious is unwill
ing to let go of our
upsets unless we learn a bit from them
that’s OK. I can help.  We are all here to
learn and overcome our
stuff right?  Maybe
you suffer with upsets (or what
pschotherapists refer to as trauma or
PTSD), anger, fears (w
hat psychologist call
anxiety or addiction,
depression ), habits,
or you feel that your
are living your life
purpose/passions and there are blocks
betweeen where you
are and where you
want to be. I’m all about helping folks with
personal development if they are wanting
and willing to do that.
Just click on link and download
or cut and paste into your
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10/25/2014 8:56 AM
address tab:
I urge you for your own sake: Take  the
time as soon as you can to return to
gratitude it’s a power
ful manifester. In this
economic climate we need to conjure up as
much of these possitive feelings as
possible. I feel this ca
n really help you. It’s
each of our own respon
sibility to do this
house cleaning.  And, it’s just like that.  If
you don’t clean your ho
use dirt builds up.
If you don’t clear your underlying Patterns
and Trauma they don’t get smaller.
It’s good to have th
e knowledge that: These
things usually don’t respond to Prayer and
Meditation.” God he
lps those who help
themselves.”  Those are ways of rising
above issues and looking down. Good for
insights and bringing the situation into
clarity. Sometimes you’ll manifest
experiences that make
it really clear you
need to clean your house. However, these
may not be so good for house cleaning.
Try Praying or Meditating over your house
cleaning and see who ends up doing or
paying for the wo
rk to be done.
What likely
happens is you channel
solution through
friends and family, housekeeper, hired
help or a way to do it yourself.  I have
found it’s quite true: Source. Angels,
God, Higher Power, Higher Self, The
Creative Force helps those who help
themselves with intent
ion.  Intention is a
very strong force no
matter how strong
you feel in any situation.
If you are interested in hearing Song
Flower  Healing actually heal clients on the
radio please see links below. (Blog Talk
with Kim McMillon.) I have 2 archived

shows 6/2/11 and 7/18/11,
or go to
and click on Media
Tab and Follow links to shows.

Sometimes people think everything under
the sun is more important than the way
they view or feel in
the moment.  Maybe for
them this is true.  Maybe those who strive
for self-improvement have the sense that
as they improve themse
lves their whole life
and everything about it  improves and we
in turn effect everyone around us
My experience regarding Sa
ntosha’s work has been
remarkable. I have had a numbe
r of personal readings from
her over the years that were very accurate and helpful. In the
last several months however, certain circumstances have
caused me to become sleepless, agitated, depressed and
anxiety ridden. I called Santosha for help.
We decided to try a new appr
oach she had d
eveloped called
“Song Flower” technique, wher
e she literally sang to my
psyche. Each session addressed
a different symptom. I can
tell you that during the time of
each session, I could feel the
heaviness lifting and by the e
nd, it was virtually gone, and
has not returned. This series of
sessions took
one to two weeks. My de
pression and feelings of
hopelessness have not return
ed, and I have regained my
positive mental attitude.
I am very grateful to Santos
ha and her wonderful work. I
would not hesitate
to recommend her.
n 30 minutes, I cleared one isss
ue I’d been dealing with all
my life! I feel so much lighter now! BB
Like Gravity the law of attraction, or what I
call magnitizing what
you want, pulls to us
what is at our core as well as in our mind
and hearts just like gr
avity.   The challenge
for most of us is that our or that core
part is  hidden (our sh
adow side) is like the
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10/25/2014 8:56 AM
dark side of the moon (subconscious) and
when “stuff happens” we tend to blame life,
God (whatever we consider to be higher
power) or someone else.
I am saying this is automatic and a
common response for all us, including me
to do this. It seems like
a rather large part
of us from what I’
ve noticed in my life
and that of many I have helped over the
year remains the biggest secret and yet
has the biggest potential to help change
our lives for the better.
Our own hidden
treasure trove lies just beneath the
surface. Our shadow side is usually only
revealed by what we experience
consciously as
fears, defensiveness,
blame, judgement, what we don’t like
about others, waking dreams, dreams at
night, long held beliefs, charished habits
and addictions.
Others can sometimes see it or get a
sense of it.
It’s very challenging to see it
for yourself. There is
nothing I address with
other folks I haven’t had to address in
myself.  Still I find even with all the work
I’ve done like the ever expanding
universes of Source we live in we can
overcome, we can empower ourselves and
only we can choose to take the
respnsibility to do so.
It’s up to you.
P.S. If you don’t want to receive these e-mail in the future I will be
concerned,  dissapointed, pained, and wondering why in the heck
that is.  Let me know if I can improve or you’d like to see
something different in the future.  I offer nothing but pure,
unadulterated help for folks that seek me out.  Otherwise, I refund
there money immediately.
If you are serious about change, I
am  serious about coaching, personal development
mentoriing, finding intuitive solutions, that help you.
Santosha ,

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