Life as the Soul’s opportunity for development
Regardless of where you come from or what you believe as far as your religious or spiritual background, most of us have to agree that the experience of life can teach us a great deal about self-improvement and personal growth.
One big key to personal growth and self-improvement is to know thyself. That means for many of us to know what your feelings and emotions are about. That’s the start, then you begin to get a clue as to who you are.
Every time we go though something that is irritating, upsetting, scary, or saddening, we have an opportunity to find patterns deep inside us that might need a bit of tweaking, a clearing, or an adjustment.  It’s often an invitation to grow a bit. 
Oh don’t get me wrong. Sometimes your gut feelings/ and or emotions are telling you to do something different too.  If  you have that gut feeling something is wrong, scary, or irritating, etc. there just might be a bear around the corner on your trail or maybe. It’s your body actually attempting to let you know something is not right with it and needs attention. Sometimes, someone really has just been abusive to you and it’s not about a subconscious pattern of your own being triggered.
The key is to pay attention to it and find out what it’s about! So often we want to just dismiss and deny our emotions and feelings. We are in fact taught in our culture, jobs, families, school systems in many ways to do just this.  So many people eat over them, talk over them, busy themselves over them and worse.
My point is, is that everytime you dismiss a feeling vague or otherwise,  you miss important information  about yourself.
Keeping this in mind, here’s a fun summer Guided Imagery technique and Gift from me to you.  You know this time of year in many parts of the US and world that edible berries are common and fun to eat on the trails we may have the pleasure to be walking.
Imagery Idea
Find a comfortable place to relax where you won’t be disturbed. Time to release and let go. This is your special time for just you. Let’s imagine, sense, feel or know that on you are taking a walk on a beautiful sunny day in the a forested area on a soft dirt path. This day, you can feel a cool breeze that and actually reach out and feel the bark of the trees as you pass them. You can smell the pine and feel also the warmth of the sun. It’s your idea perhaps of a perfect day.
On your trail are some wonderful
rasberry bushes with sweet, ripe, edible berries.  You find that you automatically pick a berry that represents some emotion that has been tugging at you. You are drawn to find just the right berry you need for your next step or something you need to know about.
As you hold the berry, you muse on it first, turning it over in your hand. As you look at this scrumptious rasberry you notice the details of its bumps. When you do that the deeper meaning of the berries flows up right through your hand and arm and through your heart and then your brain.  You can feel yourself comfortably becoming aware of exactly what this emotion is telling you.
If the emotion is too intense, you can always put it in a bag you brought for later examination or for when feel safe and maybe you are talking and comforted by someone you trust.  
Once aware of the emotion, and satisfied you know enough, start letting go of it through intention, breathing (if comfortable), visualize it leaving you as you throw it aside until the emotion subsides to your satisfaction, if you choose or another idea is to journal on it or focus on it some more.  Maybe it has a lot to tell you before it will release completely.
Pick a few raspberries that represent love, peace and joy. Put them in another bag and take them with you to be made into a pie, jelly or topping for later. Enjoy the fruits of your growth to the max.
Please Note: There are 6 more levels to go to clear a pattern completely from the subconscious and unconscious sides of you. For example, the Beliefs that underlie this emotion would be the next step. Those of you who know my work know it clears you completely  on 7 levels. You can use your Reimaging Course if you have it, or call me for a Reimaging session or quick sound healing session, and we can clear through the roots from which this emotion has finally become the fruit. 
You can call me at 360-922-0777.  Those calling me for the 1st time before 10/30/13 get a 20% discount off of my usual fees.  Also note that Song Flower Healing can be quite brief and scheduling just 30 minutes or less is quite possible.
Upcoming lectures/workshops
I will be at:
Wise Awakenings: 314 E. Holly St. Bellingham, WA Saturday, Sept 14th, 10:30AM to 12:00 noon. 2013 Bellingham, WA
We wil focus on Guided Imagery techniques to attain more Balance for the Fall months.  
I will be at the Bellingham Coop, Downtown Bellingham at Holly and Chestnut for a lecture on toxic Emotions and Improving sleep onThursday evening October 10th:6:30PM to 8PM. A guided imagery workshop and sound healing will followthe  lecture.
Then I will be at Wise Awakenings Again, 314 E. Holly in Bellingham WASaturday morning, October 12th, 10:30AM to 12:00PM, to do a Guided Imagery lecture and Workshop on Harmony with the self. 
Please check out free samples of Song Flower Healing where I’m working with clients on the radio.  Just log and follow Song Flower Healing link to media tabs or click on the links on this newsletter.  This works on the principle as I’ve said before of poly-exclusion.  I create frequencies that match yours in my trance state and this eliminates your frequencies. Song Flower works on the same principle operant in radionics and the QXCI quantum healing. It’s a passive form of Reimaging and most people feel healed and enjoy it. You measure where you are when we start and finish. This way, you can track your progress.
You can call me, Santosha at 360-922-0777 to reserve a healing session. I have relocated to Bellingham, WA.
Santosha Nobel is an immensely talented healer, hypnotherapist and medical intuitive who has proven herself useful in a wide variety of clinical situations. Often chronic illness has multiple layers and facets that can prove to be elusive. This can be difficult to navigate even under the best of circumstances. Santosha is uniquely qualified to unravel what is often a tangled mess.  With her loving presence, patience and clarity, she is able to quickly identify our needs on multiple layers in our body/mind interface. I recommend my patients to her and have worked with her on my patients with amazingly, effective results. Dr. Paula Strait, Rural Medical Doctor and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine.
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