A Beautiful Spring
The many challenges we face as we go through life are meant to be overcome. We all have our growth experiences that come in many ways.  It seems that the more we react to them the more they are present.  The old law of reversed effort makes itself so clear. No doubt you’ve noticed it.  At times you may feel upset and the more upset you become the more upsetting the situation becomes.  
The challenge becomes even bigger when you realize that much of what you attract to yourself is coming to you because of stuff you are not even conscious of feeling.  It’s coming from your shadow side. That’s why it’s important to clear this side of us.  As I’ve said before, starting with the emotions that surface is a good way to sense your way into clearing patterns.  Most of us are filled with  these patterns and have tons to clear. The joyous part of this is that you are ever changing, becoming more peaceful and happy while you are coming closer to your higher self. 
As we have done before, let’s start with the emotions.   Beginning your journey from there, you may find yourself willing to tap into upsets  and how they may be keeping you from creating more of what you want, like more peace, happiness and more love.  These upsets may also be keeping you from higher states like grace or harmony.
  ~ Imagery Idea with Blossoms ~
Find a place where you can feel safe, nurtured, secure and comfortable.  Allow yourself to fully relax, from head to toe. Breathe in relaxation and let out all tension. That’s it, just let go.
Now, see yourself on a wide dirt path in the woods on a sunny, cool spring day. There are pine, oak and maple trees along your path as well as blossoming trees everywhere. You notice that there are blossoms falling naturally, swirling into the breeze. You can smell the scent of blossoms and hear birds twittering in the trees above you.  You can feel the warmth of the sunlight on your skin.
You watch particular blossoms as they fall. With each one, as you focus on it’s falling, you intentionally breathe out any pain, upset or trauma   that may be causing you challenges in your life.  You aim for the understanding of what is underneath your particular challenge, and how you might be helping to attract this into your life.  As the blossoms swirl around you, you feel yourself letting go of all of the emotional upset that’s holding you back from taking your next steps. 
If you want insight into the challenge,  pick a blossom, hold it, and as you examine the petals intend that you will just know what makes up these emotions. Ideas just flood from your heart into your mind as you examine them.  Through your breath, eyes, hands and feet you naturally let go of  these emotions that keep you stuck manifesting the same old stuff.
If these emotions feel too intense, you can always leave the blossom in a special place in the woods that you can return to and examine later when you feel more safe or you can talk it out with a trusted friend or counselor.
When you are ready to let go of the upsets completely, breathe them out, and notice as a colorful hummingbird comes and takes them from your palm. This leaves you feeling awed, more happy, joyful, and peaceful.
Enjoy the power of this step toward letting go of the fears that shape your decision making and feel more empowered as you manifest this positive forward movement in your life.
Please Note: There are 6 more levels to go to clear a pattern completely from the subconscious and unconscious sides of you. For example, clearing the beliefs that underlie an emotion would be the next step. Those of you who know my work know it clears you completely on 7 levels. You can use your Reimaging Course, if you have it, order it if you choose, or you can call me for a Reimaging session or quick Sound Healing session. Our aim will be to clear your patterns or emotions through to the roots, then reprogram you to have more peace, joy and love as you reach out for new opportunities. 
Song Flower Healing, a sound healing technique, is a very rapid clearing that can take just minutes to clear intense emotions, patterns or blocks, etc. that keep you from your path.
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Please check out free samples of Song Flower Healing where I’m working with clients on the radio.  Just logon to:intuitivesecrets.net and follow the Song Flower Healing link to media tabs or click on the links on this newsletter. As I said before, Song Flower Healing works on the Pauli exclusion principle.
How it works: In my trance state, I create frequencies that match to yourswhich then eliminates those frequencies which are not wanted. Song Flowerworks on the same principle operant in radionics and the QXCI quantum healing. It’s a passive form of Reimaging. Following a Song Flower Healing session, most people feel healed and enjoy the experience. You can measure where you are when we start and finish. This way you can track your progress.
You can call me, Santosha, at 360-922-0777 to reserve a healing session. I am living in  and enjoying Bellingham, WA.
“Santosha Nobel is an immensely talented healer, hypnotherapist and medical intuitive who has proven herself useful in a wide variety of clinical situations. Often chronic illness has multiple layers and facets that can prove to be elusive. This can be difficult to navigate even under the best of circumstances. Santosha is uniquely qualified to unravel what is often a tangled mess.  With her loving presence, patience and clarity, she is able to quickly identify our needs on multiple layers in our body/mind interface. I recommend my patients to her and have worked with her on my patients with amazingly, effective results.”
 Dr. Paula Strait, Rural Medical Doctor and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine.