Reimaging: Transforming Your Life by Re-Inventing Yourself SANTOSHA NOBEL, CHt, BA, A.A.S. Santosha is a certified Hypnotherapist and Chemical Dependency Counselor with a background in Counseling and Creative Arts Therapies. Santosha is a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and is a Washington State Certified Hypnotherapist. Santosha has been a guest on numerous radio and television shows featured both as a Hypnotherapist and also as an emotional and wellness coach. She is an alternative care provider.. In the intuitive realm, Santosha is a medical intuitive who works with individuals as well as with doctors, specializing in wellness issues, chronic pain, habit removal, addictions, weight management, overcoming sleep challenges, and issues of love, career and finance. She can also help in life/death transitions and dream and waking dream interpretations.. Santosha can help you learn right brain approaches to find intuitive solutions You can also learn self-hypnosis. She has integrated multiple therapies, hypnosis and guided imagery to create Reimaging® for personal use as well as for healthcare professionals. ABOUT THE REIMAGING COURSE: Reimaging® The Course, which includes the book and two audio CDs, is available now for $62.00 which includes shipping. To order, visit mywebsite or call me at 360-922-0777, or call toll free: 888-743-6243. About the Audio Programs: The first CD is entitled “Your Garden by the Sea and helps you identify blocks. The second CD guides you through the entire process step by step.

Another Reimaging Consultant: Please check out Christine Loter at: 831-901-3918 stineloter or Christine She may be offering specials this spring as well.. She is currently living in Monterey. There are other consultants listed on the reimaging website.

Santosha always offers a free 15 minute consultaion on your challenges. Testimonial: “Santosha Nobel is an immensely talented healer, hypnotherapist and medical intuitive who has proven herself useful in a wide variety of clinical situations. Often chronic illness has multiple layers and facets that can prove to be elusive. This can be difficult to navigate even under the best of circumstances. Santosha is uniquely qualified to unravel what is often a tangled mess. With her loving presence, patience and clarity, she is able to quickly identify our needs on multiple layers in our body/mind interface. I recommend my patients to her and have worked with her on my patients with amazingly, effective results.” Dr. Paula Strait, Rural Medical Doctor and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine. I work internationally and do many appointments by phone or Skype if you are out of the area.

Welcome Spring

May the light of compassion guide you every step of your life.

Opening to Love

As the many flowers of spring come to blossom, perhaps it’s time to Open to love. Many of us are unaware of the abundance of love in our lives because of subconscious patterns of blocks that may be preventing the full expression of love and open heartededness in our relationships. These patterns work against us both in our current relationships and in attracting new love friendships into our lives. As a result, we may not be as loving, responsive or caring with others or ourselves (it’s about loving ourselves too!) as we have the potential to be. These blocks are often the outcome of wounds that occurred in prior relationships, in our childhoods, from past trauma. We may have become guarded, and have developed walls around our hearts and closures regarding love with others. Unfortunately, this can happen even in long term relationships with one or both members totally unconscious of it. One might notice that they or their partner, friend, or even pet have become distant. One has a tendency to reach out one minute then pull away the next, even after expressions of intimacy in various forms. Opening doors to love and knocking down walls around the heart are two processes you can work through to clear these patterns using an energetic, emotional and thought based approach. To begin, being as honest with yourself as possible, rate your openness to love on a scale of 1 to 10. Below is an alternative way to sense energy blocks. Doors of Invitation Begin breathing in relaxation and out all tension. Let yourself go. Consciously set aside anything that might be bothering you. Now see yourself clearly walking through the woods, seeing the bark on the trees, hearing the birds singing, seeing a bright, blue sky and feeling the warmth of the sun accompanied by a gentle, cool breeze. Keep walking forward. Smell the blossoms on the trees and flowers as you watch the shadows of the pine trees and light dancing in patterns on the forest floor. Continue to walk forward feeling relaxed and calm. You come upon a beautiful round structure, and enter it, into a circular room of marble. Feel the cool air of the room. There is a comfortable place to sit in the center of the room. You find yourself drawn to that place. Once seated, you notice that this room has twelve doors, some may be open, some may be closed. As you close your eyes, intend that the open doors will indicate your openness to love, the closed doors indicating the opposite. See, sense or feel how many doors are open and how many are shut. Now that you have an idea about this, gather between your hands the total energy that makes up the closed doors of both patterns, the walls around the heart, and opening to love. These are different. If you want insights do the following exercise: You can allow this ball of energy to speak to you or imagine and sense that it could become a person explaining what is blocking you as you sit in your circular room. Just listen closely to yourself and your heart and let ideas flow. Go ahead and ask questions of this person or energy. Allow the answers to flow up your hands into your heart.

When you feel you’ve gotten enough insight it’s time to walk back outside of the circular room with this energy like a ball between your hands, with your realizations about it. Now, let’s address these blocks to love. Once you have a sense of your closures, take this energy representing the blocks to love and an open heart out into the woods. Spring is filled with wonderful blossoms in the trees. Imagine that you are watching the blossoms fall all around you in preparation for the new green leaves of spring. These falling blossoms will represent any blocks to love, and your open heart as they drift to the ground. Let this blocking energy go as you breathe, intend and imagine or sense that this energy is leaving you on every level – emotions, beliefs, personality (behavior), the subconscious, thought patterns, your body and the seven chakras. That’s right, intend to clear all levels. Keep intending and breathing out the blocking energy as the blossoms fall until your feel your blocks to love and an open heart are gone. Now go back and check those twelve doors, or your scale of 1 to 10, one more time for blocks to love and open hearted expression (wall around the heart.) When all of the doors are open, or you have achieved a number that you are comfortable with, indicating you are free from these blocking emotions, you are done. Otherwise, just repeat the above exercise. Finally, lets imagine that the new green leaves that are forming represent your life constantly filling with an abundance of love, open hearted joy, motivation, happiness, peace and compassion, being present in each moment and enjoying life with gratitude. People are generally much more successful if they have someone to check in with or if they journal their behavior. Accountability makes up 40% of success. You can use your Reimaging Course, if you have it, order it if you choose, or you can call me for a Reimaging session or quick Sound Healing session if you need help. The aim is to clear these types of blocks and thoughts through to the roots, then reprogram you to have more peace, joy and love as you reach out for new opportunities.


If you would like to schedule an appointment in my Lake Samish office, near Bellingham, please call 360-922-0777. I see clients from 11 am to 9 pm Sunday through Thursdays. Please keep in mind that I do Song Flower Healing, a sound healing technique, a very rapid clearing that can take just minutes to clear emotions,beliefs and thought patterns and more,so that you are happier, more stress free, peaceful and present for the decisions you make in life. These make for brief sessions if budget is your main consideration. I also have a sliding scale and we will make it work together. There are a couple of short films using Song Flower available free at Try eliminating stress, reduce anxiety or fears for free in just a few minutes. Or, check out links to radio shows about it below. It works on the principle of Pauli Exclusion. With this method, I recreate the frequencies that block your healing clearing the underlying trauma of your issue, thereby eliminating it. You can measure your changes at the beginning and at the end. This way you can track your progress. On my Reimaging website I currently have a very powerful 11 minute long audio file which will help you sleep more soundly! This free program is available at: Blessings, Santosha