What if everything in your life that you experience, every emotion, every little doubt was beckoning you to take a path of exploration into something greater? What if you utilized every emotionally evocative situation instead of running, getting high, escaping, stuffing it, or letting emotions like fear or rage overtake you or run you for years?
If you follow the path of what your emotions are telling you, you will begin to unravel the great mysteries of life and who you are. If you get to know yourself first, and one way is by listening and understanding what your emotions are telling you, then your life purpose will unfold if you pursue it.
Living life as fully as you can is important.  Why? Your life purpose will take you on a path that you alone have designed. So it’s important that you walk that path as consciously as you can. Each step you take will lead you along until you begin to realize that you are walking your own, unconciously, self-created, spiritual path or path of Grace or Synchronicity.
~Imagery Idea with Autumn Leaves~
Find a place where you can be comfortable.  Allow yourself to relax fully, from head to toe. Breathe in relaxation and out all tension.
Now see yourself on a wide dirt path in the woods on a sunny, cool fall day.  There are pine, oak and maple trees along your path. You watch as leaves fall in the breeze. Each leaf can represent an emotion or pattern that blocks you from fulfilling your life purpose or going the next step on your path now.
If some of the leaves (representing blocks, patterns or emotions) need greater examination, you find yourself picking them up off the ground and studying the veins of the leaves. Turn each leaf over and over in your hand and clearly see the veins of the leaf, or hold it to your heart until you feel a deep knowing or understanding about which emotions or block this leaf represents. Keep feeling, sensing, even smelling the scent of fall leaves. As you take time and examine the leaf, your emotions or patterns will likely become more clear to you.
When you have identified the emotion or pattern and you feel satisfied that you know enough about it, breathe it out, intend it out.  
If the emotion, pattern, or block feels too intense, you can always put the leaves that represent this emotion into a separate canvas bag to keep for later examination, for when you feel safe enough or calm enough, or perhaps while talking and being comforted by someone you trust.  
When you are ready finish breathing out excess emotions and completely clear patterns via intention with the visualization or pretending that you are burning the leaves in a bonfire. It smells lovely in the fall air. Keep intending and breathing as the leaves burn, that this emotion or pattern is leaving you.  Watch, as the last of the energy leaves in the form of smoke billowing into the crisp fall air.
After the leaves have burned and the bonfire has gone out you notice a flock of robins.   Many of them begin to fly around you, bringing small white blossoms that represent beautiful positive changes such aspeace, love, and increasing  harmony and motivation towards moving on your life purpose and passions. They drop the flowers all around you, magically, as they fly easily in the autumn breeze making the blossoms  appear like snow  falling from a clear blue sky.
Enjoy the power of this step towards your life purpose or furthering your life purpose or Sacred Life Journey on it’s next steps.
Please Note: There are 6 more levels to go to clear a pattern completely from the subconscious and unconscious sides of you. For example, the Beliefs that underlie this emotion would be the next step. Those of you who know my work know it clears you completely  on 7 levels. You can use your Reimaging Course, if you have it, or call me for a Reimaging session or quick sound healing session, and we can clear your pattern or emotion  clear through to the roots. The challenge here would be to clear what keeps you from your life purpose. 
 Those calling me for the 1st time before 12/31/13 can recieve a 20% discount off of my usual fees. Just ask me about that and let me know you saw this offer.  Also note that Song Flower Healing is a very rapid clearing which can take just minutes to clear intense emotions, patterns or blocks, etc. that keep you from your path.
Upcoming availability  lectures/workshops
I will be at:
Wise Awakenings: 314 E. Holly St. Bellingham, WA, Saturday, November 20th and 27th. The third and fourth Wednesday in November from 11AM to 5PM.  Call me at 360-922-0777 if you want to meet me there. Otherwise, you can see me in my home office near Lake Samish  Sunday through Thursday 11AM to 9PM.
(Please note: I will be switching to the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month at Wise Awakening, in January, in downtown Belligham, as soon as there is availability.)
I will be at the Bellingham Coop, (downtown Bellingham at Holly & Chestnut) for a lecture and workshop on Toxic Emotions and Improving Sleep on Monday, February 10th, from 6:30PM to 8:30PM.
A one hour plus Hypnosis, Guided Imagery Workshop with Sound Healing will follow a brief 30-35 minute lecture. Cost is $5.00.
Please check out free samples of Song Flower Healing where I’m working with clients on the radio.  Just logon to:intuitivesecrets.net and follow the Song Flower Healing link to media tabs or click on the links on this newsletter. As I  said before, Song Flower Healing  works on the Pauli exclusion principle.  In my trance state, I create frequencies that match yours which then eliminates those frequencies which are not wanted. Song Flower works on the same principle operant in radionics and the QXCI quantum healing. It’s a passive form of Reimaging. Following a Song Flower Healing session, most people feel healed and enjoy the experience. You measure where you are when we start and finish. This way, you can track your progress.
You can call me, Santosha at 360-922-0777 to reserve a healing session. I have relocated to Bellingham, WA.
Santosha Nobel is an immensely talented healer, hypnotherapist and medical intuitive who has proven herself useful in a wide variety of clinical situations. Often chronic illness has multiple layers and facets that can prove to be elusive. This can be difficult to navigate even under the best of circumstances. Santosha is uniquely qualified to unravel what is often a tangled mess.  With her loving presence, patience and clarity, she is able to quickly identify our needs on multiple layers in our body/mind interface. I recommend my patients to her and have worked with her on my patients with amazingly, effective results. Dr. Paula Strait, Rural Medical Doctor and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine.
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