A Song of Summer Ending
One of the many challenges either we ourselves, family or friends often face is addiction.  People are becoming more aware of how much time, health, happiness and money is wasted on addictions to chemicals, food, entertainment, politics, fighting, work, and many other things. 
The  attributes most of these addictions have in common is interesting.  Most folks start early in life with addictions,  even though the addiction may not show itself for years.  When I do regression under hypnosis to the initial sensitizing  event that led to the addiction, they often stem way back to before age 10 or so. (Calvin Banyon’s technique) I use regression to go back often either from the personality parts or directly to the start of the addiction from Reimaging emotions so that we can diffuse the cause at the beginning.
The addiction programming becomes so strong and reinforced by life circumstances that the object of addiction becomes totally out of control for the addict.  It becomes a habit. Here’s the funny thing, most people are addicted to something.  Usually, it’s because we’ve found a way to sooth or comfort ourselves, or balance mood swings at an early age and then the years go by, we become adults—but those patterns become hard and fast parts of our mental make up. 
The reason I feel addictions are so harmful is that they lead us away from emotions.  It’s so easy to grab food instead of facing how lonely we are, bored, angry, jealous or afraid. Yet it is only by facing these emotions can we actually begin to do something about diffusing our emotions, identifying needs or changing our lives.  These emotions are the very gifts that let us see where we are out of harmony, peace or grace with ourselves and others.  They often invite spiritual growth or they can indicate where we need to be changing something in our lives.
To ignore emotions and needs and use addictive behaviors is to spiral backwards into negative feedback loop.  The more one does addictions over emotions or needs, often the more challenging life becomes and the more one needs the object of the addiction.
Emotions challenge us to overcome something either internally or externally in order to feel OK and balanced again.  To feel  happy, present and at peace more is the goal, right?
The thing is, if you are afraid of  your own reactions like the inevitable pain that life presents as you walk through it, you miss all the chances to be better  and overcome your challenges.  You’re stuck… and moving backwards. You may not be solving your problems, but may be running from them. This eventually shows up in major stuff like illness, overweight, lack, social rejection, relationship problems, challenges in school.
The thing is, we usually start the addictive behavior often before we even realize we are having an emotion.  That’s how good the subconscious gets at masking stress responses with addictions.This is what psychologists call being obsessive/compulsive is all about. This is the mechanics of the subconscious mind and how we form habits that cause us to unconsciously mask things in order to survive them. 
I find that people are often doing addictive behavior over their life purpose or some part of their life purpose as well.  Not doing the life purpose creates an emptiness inside us that needs to be filled with something. It’s like a vacuum, an endless hole  that can’t be filled stemming from a painful calling from the soul or higher self.
Entertainment addiction can show up in many ways nowadays. Those that need have watch large amounts of TV,  be on computers, constantly read books, be having conversations with others, being on your cell phone in every spare moment, or just having to be doing something all the time.  Ever seen anyone like this?
For those of us that suffer this way, there’s never a moment for peaceful reflection. Unfortunately, this is so widespread, it’s almost a cultural addiction. And, most people have more than one addiction.
IMAGERY for finding and identifying your addictions:
I’m going to give you an unsual guided imagery exercise this time,  based on addictions.  We start by taking a few deep breaths and relaxing. Allow yourself to attain a comfortable, relaxed sense of peace.
When you are ready to do this, close your eyes and imagine sitting on a beach in the sunlight on a warm summer day with a cool breeze blowing.  You can smell the scent of the ocean and hear the tide ebbing and flowing. Pretend, visualize or imagine that when you open your eyes after you count to 3, you will see your addictions clearly in front of you in the form of pirate ships.  These  aresail boats have names on them or on the flags they bare.  
Each is  named after one of your addictions.   If for any reason, the names are not apparent, put the energy of the sail boats (like a ball of energy that you invision) between your hands as if you are holding the energy of each boat.  Give yourself time to hold it and feel around it, until you get a sense of the addiction. Wait for up to a minute for a sigh or yawn to accompany what you say. You also might name an addiction that you feel you may have and give  your level of addiction a random number on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being totally addicted.
This is the 1st step in eliminated addictions is to admit them and identify them.  Remember, denial is a huge part of addiction.
Now see the pirate ships being disassembled one by one and breathe out as much as you can your addiction to whatever it is.  This will help you to start eliminating the tendency towards the addiction. In this imagery idea, if you want insight, have the sail boat come in with a wonderful guide aboard that will answer any of your questions as you dialogue with them in your mind.
If you are using energy and numbers start to squash the ball between your hands as you breathe the energy out with the intention of releasing emotions and subconscious hold on addictions and then letting go of it. Keep going until your hands are flush together and you no longer sense energy.
Enjoy the empowerment of this action step toward letting go of the addictions that shape your life and rob you of your precious time and energy. Know that you are making strides towards freedom, peace and fulfillment in every aspect of your life and life purpose.
Please Note: There are more levels to go to clear a pattern completely from the subconscious and unconscious sides of you. For example, clearing the beliefs that underlie an emotion would be the next step. Those of you who know my work know it clears you completely on 7 levels.
You can use your Reimaging Course, if you have it, order it if you choose, or you can call me for a Reimaging session or quick Sound Healing session. Our aim will be to clear your patterns or emotions underlying your addiction, through to the roots, then reprogram you to have more peace, joy and love as you reach out for new opportunities. 


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How it works: In my trance state, I create frequencies that match to yours, which then eliminate those frequencies which are not wanted. Song Flowerworks on the same principle operant in radionics and the QXCI quantum healing. It’s a passive form of Reimaging.
Following a Song Flower Healingsession, most people feel healed and enjoy the experience. You can measure where you are when we start and finish. This way you can track your progress.
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 Dr. Paula Strait, Rural Medical Doctor and Assistant Professor of Family Medicine.