Stress and Holidays
Want to shift your holiday stress?  Here’s a Pumpkin Recipe:
Try this easy method. 
1. Grab or imagine or visualize a Pumpkin you can paint a nice face on it or just imagine it has one!
2. Sit comfortablly in a chair.
3.Breathe in relaxation, hold it and breathe out tension. 
4. Gather up all of your holiday stress like you could hold it in a ball between your hands.
5. Push your energetic ball of stress into your pumpkin.  You can imagine or visualize it.  Even if you need to use a real pumkin or reference the pictures or draw a face on a real one so you can talk to it, that’s great. 
6. You may need insights into your stress, so now it’s time to talk to your pumpkin.  (Hint: Not a good idea to let others catch you doing this even if it is Halloween, HA!)  That’s right, pose the question to your pumpkin like this:  “What’s going on with me?” Wait for it to answer you. I know it sounds strange but putting the feeling outside of yourself into anything  can often help you identify it.  Once you know what you are dealing with you can clear it.  (Once you know something it’s gone.) That’s why I advocate that supressing feelings is NOT an empowering idea even when you are replacing them
with positive thoughts.  Get the feeling out FIRST.  Then replace with Positve Thoughts. (See references below on water.)  And think of this:  It’s just like refurbingshing a home you don’t move in the new furniture until you have the old furniture out right?
7. When you are finished getting all the insights you feel you need it’s time to do some pumpkin smashing.  That’s right (Smashing Pumkins! And, I’m not talking about the Rock Group!)  Imagine that all of your stress is in this pumkin that’s all if it 100%  of it. Now create another pumpkin in your imagination or viusalize it the same same and made up of all the energy of the first.   Imagine you smash the second into the first.  Breathe out all excess energy as you Smash these Pumpkin together.
NOW YOU’VE JUST CLEARED MUCH OF THE EMOTIONAL PART OF STRESS. The good and the better news: There are 6 more levels and more you need to know about each level to fully clear and I’m guessing you feel better anyway already.  Well that’s the point. Keep this techique as a quick remedy when you are in a hurry and you need to clear intense emotion. It does not always need to be a pumpkin.  You are off to a good start. Unfortunately, I don’t have the space to tell you the entire technique here. 
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 References on feelings and Water that I promised you.  Remember you are largely made up of water!

Water Crystals

Mr Emoto was the first to ever photograph water crystals. In his book “Hidden Messages In Water” Dr Emoto takes you on the incredible journey of water.
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton in his book The Biology of Belief has › … › Psychic & ParanormalCachedSimilar
Enjoy the Release and the Healing because it’s in embracing your negative feelings (like the old negative in photographs that we clear and work our way back to experience our bliss, being present (or in your heart as I like to say), happiness and gratitude again.  Positive thinking is great as I said, as long as you are willing to embrace not suppress, eat over, drink over, drug over, entertain over,talk over, work over , etc. your negative feelings that need to be honored too.  The so called negative emotions let you know you have a patterns that need cleared. That’s such a secret gift in you are into personal growth. For more info on how we do that contact us at check out some of the skeletons (HA!) you’ve had hanging in your fear,shame, guilt or other closet!
Happy Hallloween!
The Benefits are infinite:
You can use this same method for fears, returning to happiness, bliss, being present,
anger, or pain.  Anything that keeps your holidays being as beautiful as you intend and visualize. Use this for anything that holds you back from moving from point A to point B in your life. (If you do it thoroughly with session work with a Reimaging Consultant or order the Course and Request Mastery Updates (on website soon.)  Realize that when you find your pattern that’s creating challenges that it’s a secret key that unlocks the door to your personal growth and overcoming life challenges. What else do you feel life may be about for you personally?  If you are like me you may have concluded that life is an extensive, personal training ground where there are opportunities for growth happening all the time.  So, when you are  ready you can take the next step towards your own highest expression of yourself.  Do you want to go further to align with source, the light that is within, your highest self? To become more aware?  To step onto your path towards your special, essential place in this world of being? Be better to others and create more a positive circle of love and grace?
 May the Force of Pumpkins be with you through this season.  They are incidently a wonderful dream symbol too that “predict a happy, comfortable home life” according to:  Lady Stearn Robinson and Tom Corbett, “The Dreamers Dictionary” Warner Brothers Books, Reissued in May, 1994.
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