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Hello and Blessing to Everyone! I’m relocating to Washington State.  You can still reach me at: 1-831-643-9988 or toll free 1-888-REIMAGE or 1-888-734-6243. My e-mail address is please put session or training requested in the subject line.  I’ll be out of the office between 2/11/11 and 2/22/11 during the relocation.
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I’ve loved getting to know you and am here to serve.

When the door is opened because you’ve cleared what you need to clear and passed your tests and lessons wihin you may pass through it.  When you’ve cleared whatever within you with is with gravitational pull pulling or creating your experience you can let go of it and move on.  Moving to Washington is for me a return to home it is a graduation to ever greater things than what I manifested here in California. Please read on:

Reimaging and Your Health

Optimize your chances of recovery from health challenges and over eating by clearing underlying patterns that cam cause and/or create sabotage around health and in all areas of life.  Have you ever had a serious health issues or health challenges that are stubborn and not going away? There may be more to it or them than just treating symptoms or even underlying physical causes. Those these are important if not imperative to address, much of what effects you and who you are lies in the shadow of the subconscious well beneath conscious recognition like the dark side of the moon.

I found this part of me to be responsible for everything that ever happened in my life and that of many of my clients in areas of health, love, happiness, chronic pain, prosperity, blocks to purpose, weight issues, emotional challenges, relationship challenges, stress, challenges with addictions and so much more.  Finding your patterns and clearing them is like finding your own personal built in map of how you are going to grow in this life. It allows you to change the essence of your life experience itself. Reimaging works with life itself or the laws of the universe. Although sometimes we are born with issues that are perhaps to remain a challenge many issues can be cleared or kept at bay that you never thought you could overcome.

Get this:  Clearing underlying patterns may be much of the reason you came to physical existence because as you do that you open to your highest potential in every area of life. You grow, you change and eventually you can find your path. When you do this work, you enter your own personal school and find where you need to grow  most  next to become an even greater being than you already are.  It’s very personal internal path and very unique to who you are.

It seems as if life itself and our many subconscious patterns challenge us in a training program that is constantly propelling us to improve, be better, become more conscious, aware, enlightened and aligned with our higher selves.  These patterns (usually formed from trauma) of which we are hardly every aware often only show themselves to us consciously as emotional reactivity. in our night dreams, attitudes, self-talk, waking dreams and the kind of life we have pulled like gravity around us. The more we clear and on the inside, the more we can pull (gravitate) and attract the same kind of life experiences outside.  Your experiences change when you change these subconscious patterns inside.

If you are into taking responsibility for what happens to you and what you personally experience, this means you are willing to give up denial and resistance and actually start to grow forward.  The spiritual potential of this is as boundless as the universe itself. It’s what we naturally do as higher beings.  We naturally strive towards our highest potential in health, wealth, love, satisfaction, peace and happiness. When we feel alive and happy we  motivate others and can reach for our own highest motivation.  That’s what makes us grow and change.

We are natually motivated unless we are blocked by some subconscious pattern that is telling us: “No, we don’t deserve this”, or: “I can do without this it doesn’t matter”(sour grapes), or “We can just transend by changing our attitude”.

Don’t get me wrong attitudes are important and they are just a hint of what’s really going on and just like strong emotional responses, they momentarily reveal the underlying shadow part of the self or the dark side of the moon. And yes, we can change and improve our lives though it’s persistence as Calvin Coolidge spoke of and not genius or talent that takes us there.

This is a road definitely worth taking that takes you to the higher ground at your own pace through your own patterns.  You came into this world with plenty of patterns and strangely in true synchronicity they can lead you to the greatest gifts inside of you, once cleared.  Your natural, joyful, creative, wonderful real spiritual self lies just underneath them.   Are you willing to take one step at a time towards your highest potential in all areas of life?  Are you ready to shine a light on the dark side of the moon?

Is it worth it to you to shake yourself out of the media and advertising brainwash long enough to realize that maybe just a different shade of lipstick, purse, or haircut is not  the only thing you need to be thinking about in your precious moments left on this earth? Maybe this is your school and you hold all of secrets to growth, change and a new life inside of you well hidden in your patterns on the dark side of the moon in your personal shadow land.  Maybe discovering and shifting these patterns is one of the greatest gifts that this life offers.

Your sessions with me: If the session you’ve requested is of a nature of personal growth and not an intuitive solution (see, then I usually start by teaching some simple self-help techniques that can help you gain some insights about this subconscious and unconscious “dark” side.  I teach these simple self-help techniques like Focusing by Eurgen Gendlin and Self-Hypnosis, so you can use these marvelous techniques in your everyday life to cope.  Many of these techniques can help you get to know yourself and your emotions, thoughts and the reasons for them.  Then we keep moving forward.

I usually teach you the steps of Reimaging slowly and I have, as many of you know, written a self-help course available for purchase on my website or by calling me 1-831-643-9988 or 1-888 734-6243. You can e-mail me at as well.

The course is called: Reimaging: A Course in Transforming Your Life by Re-Inventing Yourself.  Please note: It’s just as easy if not easier for me to do these session via phone rather than in person.  I work with folks all over the world.  For many of us it’s easier and less expensive in the end to change our patterns than you go on suffering needlessly with whatever we’ve created.

Because I’ve grown and changed so has my healing with REIMAGING:

Later, as you continue in sessions to grow and change, I can often help you achieve intuitive insights as to what is causing your patterns (if you need help and  if your subconscious mind wants that).  Then I apply a scientific principle known as: The Principle of “Poly Exclusion” and I can sing frequencies in tongues that sounds like light opera, gypsy type songs and lullabies (depending) and have you measure your changes as we go.  These songs seem to be channeled from source itself. I can  sing away your dark side that may be causing everything that you would want to go away via frequency matching. These songs clear each level for you of the different levels of the consciousness addressed with Reimaging.

The price is that you need to grow your way out of whatever you are creating by changing internally and believe me everything has a price. That means you cannot just pretend it will all just go away.  You may need to face some deep, root cause, core reasons as to what causes you to pull in and crate the life you have created. That can be painful and very healing.  Hey growing pains and teething hurt don’t they? The bottom line is:  you end up in an adult body and with teeth as a result.  If you don’t have it in your shadow or core it’s unlikely you can create the gravity to pull, manifest anything but a reflection of what you are inside.  Life absolutely I’ve noticed has a Synchronicity about it and without a pull from inside whether you are aware of it or not it will not be in your life.  Kind of like saying everything happens for a reason and often the reason is unconscious or subconscious trauma.

HERE IS YOUR NEW GIFT FOR THE NEW YEAR:  Exercise: Relax and  imagine or visualize  that you still have some left over balloons from a holiday party.  These balloons are filled with emotions of which  you want to let go. Now punch a whole in the balloon and slowly let the air out.  Sense, feel and imagine air escaping from the balloon represents the emotions that are bugging you the most. Keep going until the balloon seems flat. Feel how good it feels to be more clear of negative emotions.  Now let a balloon represent anything that’s keeping you from happiness, peace, love right now.  Now you can get ready for another party:You can fill balloons with the blue energy of peace (blue balloons), the pink energy of love (pink or lighter red balloons) and the lavender energy of happiness (lavender balloons).  Now you’ve just done a partial clearing and reprogramming of emotions and that is a great beginning for Reimaging.Now a deep emotional slump, from childhood and long before were now all

Please call or e-mail me (allow 24-48 hours with e-mail) for a free 15 minute  consultation. I’ll tell you more about what I do and we can decide together if I may be of assistance.  I also do intuitive consultations.  (Please see It’s a good idea to book ahead as my weeks book up quickly.

You can schedule for appointments or consultations. Office hours are Tuesday through Thursday 11AM to 9PM.  I will be CLOSED FROM:  2/11/11 until 2/ 22/11 for the relocation.

Christine Loter is a Reimaging Consultant and is also available for Reimaging work and intuitive consulting.  Please see my website or see her under Santa Barbara Wellness.  You can call her at 805-560-0480.
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