From that state of just knowing we are guided.
When we begin by just knowing that this is a place of spiritual schooling it helps us to make it through. You are prepared then that what you experience will be for a reason. As we overcome each challenge we pass a class and evolve spiritually. You really know this on some level and yet we all forget when things get really stressful.
We all get overly involved in what’s going on with us emotionally, physically and financially. We can easily get caught up in a circus of circumstances and then before we know it, we are kicking and screaming inside or wondering around panicked out or so saddened sometimes we just freeze up. It can be a less intense response like being mildly irritated or miffed, maybe a tad worried or pre-occupied over something.
If we work through those responses however great or small thoroughly embracing all levels, we come out on the other side having overcome the situation.  Most of us don’t want to have negative feelings so we quickly repress them or try to escape through drugs, alcohol, pharmaceuticals or sometimes even higher consciousness exercises can lead us out of our emotions.  That’s too bad because it’s these negative reactions that can lead us to discover the patterns to change within ourselves that help us overcome our challenges before us. Any repression of emotion can lodge in our bodies becoming stress and causing all kinds of other challenging situations.
If we are willing to face what’s up in the moment then this path leads to spiritual unfoldment that is naturally yours and you find yourself opening doors to being more patient, compassionate, present etc. Also, the doors and opportunities in your surroundings can mysteriously open as well.
That’s the rainbow at the end of the storm.
Let’s start by taking a couple of deep breaths and relaxing as much as possible. You may wish to read this below then close your eyes and take some quiet time and do what works for you. You can see, sense, pretend or know that you are doing the following:
You find yourself wondering in a beautiful spring meadow filled with white roses and blossoming tulips of every color. The meadow is surrounded by Oak, Maple and Fur trees. You smell the pleasant scent of blossoming trees.  Song birds are everywhere chirping their melodic, happy songs. You feel a soft cool breeze in the warm sunshine. You see a large flower before you that is white in color. It has many petals.
As you stare at the blossom you are filled with happiness, gratitude, joy, peace and love. You begin to pluck the petals vowing to yourself with each petal removed that you are letting go of anoter fear, worry, irritation, pain, your blocks to your highest manifestation your greatest health, peace,love, happiness and prosperity. You  continute  to tune in and  let go and/or  breathe out whatever is keeping your current challenge, situation or emotion in your life.
You breathe in strong intention to accomplish your goal and pick a bouque of flowers that represents you new goal.  You smile to yourself as a cool breeze and warm sun represent the swift manifestation of your deepest desires. You then see a full double rainbow.
Remember too, whenever you can return to happiness in any given situation you have mastered the moment.
Returning to happiness is the challenge. How does one do that if one is facing a very grievous situation, or having fears, feeling heart-break, or other upsets. Therein lies the challenge. Therein lies the test.
Changing patterns that underlie and cause strong emotions is a process not an event.. There is tons of work to be done with these patterns. They may be firmly esconsed in your beliefs, or mental attitudes. When expectations are dashed strong emotion results.  One could easily take time like time for meditation to shift internal patterns. When you do this outer circumstances automatically shift.
I have discovered something too of late in overcoming circumstances. Once you are no longer aligned with a situation it’s harder for that thing like illness, financial challenges, love challenges to come into your life..  That means you are no longer harmonizing with those frequencies.
To put this another way is that you can stop aligning with whatever bugs you by shifting your energy field. This can be done via song flower healing or Reimaging techniques. With these techniques, I’ve noticed some very rapid transformation results. Before doing this you may need to clear some other things that keep you aligned to whatever negativity is bothering you. Finding these kinds of patterns and making these shifts is what I do and what those I train do with you or sometimes for you.
Please check out free samples of Song Flower Healing where I’m working with clients on the radio.  Just log and follow Song Flower Healing link to media tabs or click on the links on this newsletter.  This works on the principle as I’ve said before of poly-exclusion.  I create frequencies that match yours in my trance state and this eliminates your frequencies. Song Flower works on the same principle operant in radionics and the Qx quantum healing. It’s a passive form of Reimaging and most people feel healed and enjoy it. You measure where you are when we start and finish. This way you can track your progress.
You can call me, Santosha at 360-922-0777 to reserve a healing session. I have relocated to Bellingham, WA.
My experience regarding Santosha’s work has been remarkable. I have had a number of personal readings from her over the years that were very accurate and helpful. In the last several months however, certain circumstances have caused me to become sleepless, agitated, depressed and anxiety ridden. I called Santosha for help.
We decided to try a new approach she had developed called “Song Flower” technique, where she literally sang to my psyche. Each session addressed a different symptom. I can tell you that during the time of each session, I could feel the heaviness lifting and by the end, it was virtually gone, and has not returned. This series of sessions took approximately one to two weeks. My depression and feelings of hopelessness have not returned, and I have regained my positive mental attitude.

I am very grateful to Santosha and her wonderful work. I would not hesitate to recommend her.

In 30 minutes, I cleared one isssue I’d been dealing with all my life! I feel so much lighter now! BB